Kesha helps lesbian couple get engaged at show

Singer Kesha has reportedly helped a woman propose to her girlfriend at one of her shows in Detroit.

The popstar, who is currently touring with Macklemore, got a lesbian couple – known only as Holly and Amanda – up on stage at her Wednesday night show, reports Billboard. 

Holly then got down on one knee and popped the question to Amanda, who gladly accepted.

The couple then kissed and hugged, with the 13,000 strong crowd applauding them.

Kesha claimed: “”I did not know that was going to happen,” before sending the two backstage to “go make out and have the best time ever.”

She added: “I’m so f***ing happy that this is a place people can come and be happy and do things like that. Love is f***ing everything!”

Kesha is touring with Macklemore until early August.

Kesha officiating a same-sex wedding in her music video for “I Need A Woman To Love.” (Kesha/YouTube)

The singer returned to the spotlight last year, releasing a string of new tracks.

She had spent years away from music embroiled in a legal row, when she alleged her producer Dr Luke raped her. The musician was outspoken about dealing with depression during the court battle.

Kesha released her third album Rainbow in August last year, which was met with positive reviews.

The singer, who is an ordained minister, has also officiated marriage ceremonies for both same-sex and heterosexual couples.

Kesha Rainbow video (KeshaVEVO)

Kesha is a big supporter of LGBT+ rights. (Kesha/YouTube)

In April, she led the ceremony for the marriage of same-sex couple Lindsay and Dani, which was featured in the music video for her song “I Need A Woman To Love.”

In the video, Kesha explains: “I’m here today in Vegas to marry Dani and Lindsey. This will be my third same-sex marriage!”

The pair’s family joins them, as Kesha tells the pair: “Marriage is a promise between two people who love each other, who trust that love, and who wish to spend the rest of their lives together.”

The couple then exchange vows, before Kesha pronounces them married.

Speaking about the song, Kesha said: “I’ve always been an advocate for equal rights.

“It’s an issue that is so close to my heart – it’s a part of my family and my friends and part of me. When I was approached for this project, I instantly said yes – it was a no brainier.”