This viral tweet about bisexual people crushes stereotypes

Unfortunately, despite it being 2018, bisexual people still have to regularly deal with ridiculous stereotypes.

A study earlier this year found that straight people think bi women are more promiscuous, confused and neurotic than anyone else, as well as less agreeable, conscientious or inclined to be monogamous.

There’s also the constant battle to be recognised as still being bi when you’re in a relationship – whatever relationship you’re in.

It can be a constant battle to be recognised as still being bi when you’re in a relationship (Pexels)

In that case, both gay and straight people can be guilty of erasing your bisexuality.

Bi people are also likely to feel less satisfied, worthwhile and happy than everyone else, as well as suffer from anxiety, and – as if that wasn’t enough – probably sleep worse than other people.

With all of these very difficult issues out there, it’s always great when a stereotype-debunking tweet goes viral.

A meme which highlighted the erasure bi people suffer from both straight and gay people (silkyskykitten/tumblr)

And that is exactly what Lauren, a 26-year-old illustrator, writer and comic artist, has done.

They wrote: “Bisexual stereotypes in media: ~free love~ manic pixie dream folks, chaotic forces of nature driven largely by libido, I don’t like labels sweaty ;)).

“Bisexual stereotypes among actual bisexuals: f**king useless but probably wearing a cool jacket.”

The post has attracted more than 65,000 retweets and likes, so clearly it hit a nerve.

The post hit a nerve with a lot of people (Getty)

One person commented: “excuse u i’ve never owned a cool jacket in my l— oh wait there is that one.”

Another simply said: “don’t call me out like this.”

One person wrote: “*looks at self in denim jacket covered in fandom patches* Yep. That’s pretty much true.”

Some people were openly proud of how easily the tweet had identified them, with one tweeter saying: “shoutout to my cool as f**k army-inspired jacket with stitched in buttons yeah that’s right it’s amazing.”

Another commenter wrote: “*glances over to that one lilac and turquoise 70ies jacket i love with all my heart*”

One person wrote, hilariously: “Goes to get dressed, realise my wardrobe is all cool jackets…and literally nothing else (useless) .”

Another said: “*glances at my most favourite denim jacket I have loved since-* ahahahahaha.”

“My jacket is a sweater jacket and it’s comfy AF, has survived 5+ years wondrously, and has more pockets than I know what to do with, hence the uselessness,” another tweeter wrote.

“Filling it with tissues and ticket stubs and wine corks has been fun, though.”

One person had a realisation, writing: “listen, I got myself a cool jacket and

And another tweeter just posted a GIF of Brooklyn Nine-Nine character Rosa Diaz in her extremely cool leather jacket.

It seems like we really should’ve seen Rosa’s coming out arc coming.

BROOKLYN NINE-NINE -- "Operation Broken Feather" Episode 116 -- Pictured: Stephanie Beatriz as Rosa Diaz -- (Photo by: Eddy Chen/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Rosa in another trademark jacket (Eddy Chen/NBC/NBCU/Getty)

After all, she left enough clues.