Anti-trans vandals are plastering vile ‘women don’t have penises’ stickers around London

Trans campaigners have criticised “anti-trans bigots,” after a number of “disgusting” phallus-shaped stickers – carrying the phrase “women don’t have penises” – were found across London, including on Stonewall’s office building.

A Twitter user posted images of the stickers on Sunday (August 5), which were also shown stuck onto an electrical box outside the offices for The Guardian and The Observer, and on an advertisement board showing a painting of Elizabeth I for the National Portrait Gallery.

Responding to the images, Sarah Brown, a member of Stonewall’s Trans Advisory Group and a trans woman, told PinkNews: “These stickers are puerile and disgusting. There is a strong push to demonise trans women in the UK and I really worry where it’s going.”

A Stonewall spokesperson told PinkNews that the sticker had been removed from the office building in Clerkenwell.

The Twitter bio for the user who posted the images, called Anne Ruzylo XX, includes the hashtag #GetTheLOut, which is affiliated with controversial anti-trans group Get The L Out. The user has also tweeted in support of the group.

However, Get The L Out told PinkNews that it was not responsible for the stickers.

Owl, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, condemned those behind the stickers, telling PinkNews: “This is comparable to teenagers trying to be funny and drawing penises everywhere – it’s incredibly immature, childish and just ridiculous. It just continues to show that this these fringe groups of ‘activists’ are desperate and slowly unraveling with their ‘activism.’

“I have yet to find another group of people than anti-trans bigots that are as obsessed with genitals as these people are. It’s honestly really sad that they fall into these incredibly binary ways of obsessing over trans people’s bodies and enforce harmful stereotypes about gender, sex and bodies.”

In July, Get The L Out — a group of lesbians opposed to the government’s proposed reform of the Gender Recognition Act 2004 — hijacked the front of Pride in London’s parade, and were able to lead the march for much of the route.

Stonewall has removed the sticker from its office building. (@sargesalute/Twitter)

In response to this, a group of pro-trans activists led Brighton Pride on Saturday (August 4).

The activists carried a banner with the hashtag #LwiththeT, which has been used by lesbians in a show of support and solidarity for trans people.

Fox Fisher, a non-binary trans activist and filmmaker, told PinkNews: “This seems to be a desperate response to trans people and their allies putting up stickers and paste-ups around Brighton, and the continued support trans people are getting from LGBT organisations and Pride parades.

“Trans groups are now leading parades all around the country, showing that divisive and harmful views held by anti-trans bigots aren’t tolerated in our community.

“The support we are getting is incredibly important, as we don’t have the same resources as many of the anti-trans bigots and access to the media as they do and these are one of the only ways we can raise awareness.

“We’re constantly being put into a reactionary position against bigots, and we never get to speak in the media without being in response or literally sitting across from someone who thinks we are self-hating lesbians that mutilated our bodies, perverts, abusers or a danger to children.”

Fox Fisher (left) and Owl have heavily criticised those behind the Stickers. (theFoxFisher/Twitter)

PinkNews has attempted to reach out to Anne Ruzylo XX for comment.

A Stonewall spokesperson told PinkNews: “A movement of lesbians is currently using the hashtag #LwiththeT to reject the views of a small but vocal minority who are determined to create division. What this movement shows is the power of solidarity and why it’s so important to stand up against hate.

“We’re encouraging everyone from across the community and beyond to be fierce allies. We’re also strongly encouraging everyone to fill in the government’s public consultation on the Gender Recognition Act so that we can achieve acceptance without exception. We have a responsibility to raise each other up and to stand united. Together we are stronger.”

Angela C Wild, a member of Get The L Out, told PinkNews: “Given the bad press your publication has spread about our action and the naming of Lesbians as a hate group I am not quite sure why I respond to you.

“However, these stickers are not a #GetTheLOut action.

“We do support their message as we believe in biological reality of the sexes, not in fairytales the gender ideology is enforcing on us.

“You will find that Lesbians exist, are everywhere and are pissed off of the silencing and coercion the GBT has been enforcing upon us. We hope and encourage Lesbians and women to carry out such actions everywhere.”