Gay Donald Trump supporter allegedly wields knife at woman after Kathy Griffin show

A gay Donald Trump supporter allegedly banged a knife against a woman’s car window and kicked her vehicle after attending a Kathy Griffin show in Houston on Monday night.

Out Smart Magazine reports that the man, who was wearing a t-shirt covered in images of Donald Trump’s face and a “Make America Great Again” hat, doesn’t believe he has done anything wrong.

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Pacheco reportedly had a verbal altercation with the woman just after she had gotten into her car with her husband.

She reportedly rolled down the window and shouted an expletive at him, to which he responded with another expletive.

Her husband alleged in a post with a YouTube video of the incident – which has since been removed – that Pacheco then tried to stick a small knife through the window, but that his wife had already flicked the switch to close the window.

Pacheco told Out Smart that he thought it was interesting that the woman was being presented as a victim and that he was being demonised, and added that he is a gay Latino immigrant.

Pacheco’s attorney, Michael Mercer, said he was not expecting charges to be brought against his client.

Mercer added that he thought the alleged victim of Pacheco’s attack had had too much to drink and was offended by his Trump-related attire.

A video of the attack was originally uploaded to YouTube by the woman’s husband, however it has since been taken down. He also published a detailed account of what he claims happened along with the video.

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He said that they first saw Pacheco when they were leaving the venue after the Kathy Griffin show, and that they made a comment when passing him about his Trump-related attire.

“I was telling my group where to wait for me while I told them that I would go fetch the vehicle and pick them up at the curb in front of the venue.

“We finally made it to the outside steps leading to the underground parking garage. At the same time the Trump person exited the venue and walked out with the rest of the crowd. Again, my wife made a comment and I told her he was there to agitate people.”

He claims that it was then, after getting into the car, that the incident happened. Police are investigating and Pacheco denies having done anything wrong.