Star Trek gay couple’s relationship isn’t over, says Anthony Rapp

Star Trek: Discovery actors Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz embrace during season one.

The gay relationship in Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t reached the end of its story, according to actor Anthony Rapp.

The star, who plays Lieutenant Paul Stamets, told attendees of Los Angeles TV festival Paleyfest on Sunday (March 24) that when it came to his character’s relationship with Wilson Cruz’s Dr Hugh Culber, “we’re still in the midst of it.”

“Things are continuing to evolve.”

Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp

“Things are continuing to evolve. We’re grateful we’re given something authentic and complicated [by the writers],” he said, according to Deadline.

Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp says there’s more to come after first season controversy

Culber was seemingly killed off in the first season, prompting an outpouring of anger from fans, with many threatening to boycott the CBS and Netflix show.

But in February this year, a season two episode showed Culber being found by the Discovery crew.

Lt. Stamets (Rapp) convinced him to return to the ship, but their relationship was placed on hold.

With the show renewed for a third season last month, fans of the couple will be able to find out whether they get together again.

Wilson Cruz thanks Star Trek: Discovery fans

Cruz reportedly opened up about his role on the show during the panel, thanking viewers of Star Trek: Discovery for their messages of support.

“It’s been really moving to me,” said the actor, who also featured in the latest season of 13 Reasons Why.

“I am the luckiest man in the world. To have been on the show and then brought back to it?

“It’s life-altering and to do it with that incredible actor,” he continued, nodding towards Rapp, “who I’ve known for 22 years is a gift that I don’t know that I can ever repay back.”

Anthony Rapp (Lieutenant Paul Stamets) visits Build to discuss "Star Trek: Discovery" at Build Studio on January 16, 2019 in New York City.

Anthony Rapp has repeatedly stated how proud he is to play gay character Lieutenant Paul Stamets on Star Trek: Discovery. (Dia Dipasupil/Getty)

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in February, Cruz explained the significance of being part of the groundbreaking gay relationship.

“I feel like what’s important about the very existence of this relationship is that it allows LGBTQ people to imagine and understand that not only have we always been here, but that we will always be here,” he said.

“Part of what’s powerful and what has always been powerful about Star Trek is that it helps us imagine the world that we want, as we would like it to be.

“It’s important to include LGBTQ people in that vision. We want to be responsible to the story and to the community.

“I think about how a young LGBTQ person of colour who watches this show can now imagine and know that they’re valued and part of the future,” added Cruz.