Lesbian couple in Barcelona receive torrent of abuse for kissing in public

Two lesbian women were screamed at for kissing while on public transport in Barcelona, by a homophobic woman who said their behaviour was “disgusting.”

A video of the incident – which took place on a crowded train – shows the woman calling the lesbian couple “dykes” and “c***suckers,” and refer to her own gay brother as a “f**got.”

Carla Gallén, one of the victims, videoed the attack and posted it on Twitter on July 6.

“On Wednesday afternoon, my partner and I suffered lesbophobic aggression on the underground. A woman insulted and attacked us for kissing,” Gallén wrote, in Spanish.

In the video, the woman – who had a baby in a pram with her – can be heard saying, “Dyke, dyke what are you going to do with a video?”

“You disgust me,” she said. “I have a gay brother, but he doesn’t kiss in front of me because he respects me.”

The woman moves towards the lesbian couple, waving her finger, and briefly attempts to grab the phone off the woman who is recording.

“Stop recording or I’ll take your phone,” she says, before announcing to the carriage that “these c***suckers are recording me.”

Lesbian couple defended by elderly Muslim woman

The rant ends when a passenger tells the woman to “express your opinion respectfully.”

“Insults and threats continued for 10 minutes. In the middle of a wagon full of people. Nobody moved a finger. It is very easy to put ‘badges’ on the day of Pride, but LGBTQIA + people continue to suffer daily violence with this type of aggression,” Gallén said.

According to Gallén, the only person who tried to help was an elderly Muslim woman wearing a headscarf. She “had more chances of being assaulted than us,” Gallén said, but she still “intervened physically when the woman tried to catch my phone and hurt my partner’s arm.”

The Daily Mail reports that the lesbian couple have made an official complaint to the police, who are reported to be investigating.