Bella Thorne hits out at ex Tana Mongeau on Twitter for breaking ‘girl code’

Bella Thorne has called out ex-girlfriend Tana Mongeau on Twitter after she was spotted with Thorne’s ex, Mod Sun.

Thorne tweeted on Wednesday (July 17): “Tana and I are no longer good. She broke girl code I’m over it.”

Mongeau was quick to respond, tweeting:  “????? imagine taking every time ur mad at me to twitter but then telling ppl how much u care about me……………….. wtf is this b :/”

Thorne responded: “U legit started dating me for twitter.. how about u answer ur phone and talk to me instead of being on Twitter.”

Mongeau replied, saying she had been texting Thorne since she first tweeted. She said it was “hurtful” that Thorne had accused her of using her “for Twitter.” 

2017: Thorne and Mongeau start dating

Thorne and Mongeau started dating in 2017 after Mongeau tweeted the actress saying she wanted to date her. 

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A few weeks later the pair posted a picture of themselves kissing at a festival in Las Vegas.

Thorne captioned the picture: “Mmmmm tastes like candy ?” while Mongeau captioned it “Mineeee.” 


Mongeau confirmed their relationship when she uploaded a picture to her Snapchat story with caption: “*starts dating Bella Thorne* *wakes up with camo nails and a tie dye shirt on.*”

One year anniversary

On their one year anniversary, Mongeau shared a picture of Thorne accompanied by an emotional message explaining how much Thorne meant to her and how her life had changed since they met. 

“It’s so crazy to me how fast a year can fly by when you’re surrounded by love you never thought was possible. what started with a viral kissing pic turned to you being the love of my life” Mongeau said.

“You swept me up and introduced me to your entire world, you made my wildest dreams happen, you believed in me in every aspect when no one else did.”

Thorne and Mod Sun start dating 

In October 2018, Thorne publicly confirmed that she was dating Mongeau as well as the rapper Mod Sun, in an interview with The Los Angeles Times.

In a later interview with Gay Times magazine, she opened up about their relationship: “I don’t think anybody will really understand the bonds that I share with Mod or Tana… we don’t put a word, a box or label to many things. It is what it is.” 

The end of an era

In February 2019, Thorne and Mongeau confirmed that their relationship was over via social media.

“Tana and I aren’t together anymore, pls stop asking,” Thorne wrote on Twitter.

Mongeau also posted a YouTube video talking about their relationship, saying Thorne will always mean a lot to her.

Mongeau and Jake Paul get engaged

Mongeau started dating Jake Paul in April. He asked Mongeau to marry him on stage at a club in Las Vegas on her 21st birthday.

Thorne reacted to the news by posting a picture to her second Instagram account where she was visibly crying and captioned it: “???????????????????????????????????.” 

Mongeau commented on the picture and wrote: “omg.”

On Monday, June 24, Thorne took to Twitter to tell Jake Paul he should sign a prenup.

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