This story of a ‘straight’ man who began questioning his sexuality after meeting a new friend will warm your heart

A straight-identifying man turned to the internet for advice after a new friendship made him question his sexuality.

The 41-year-old said that he had been happily single for seven years when a chance encounter took place.

While playing darts in a pub with a friend, he began talking to a man (who he calls James) at the board next to him.

“We drank quite a bit and we were having a lot of fun. My friend said he was ready to take off but James and I were having a good time so we decided to stay a bit longer.”

At the end of the night the two men went back to James’ house to continue playing in his games room.

“We shot a few games of pool and chatted about more personal stuff, our past relationships, careers, college, upbringing, etc.

“James is a lot like me, never married and a career-minded guy.

“Things sort of took a turn in conversation when James asked me about my sexuality. He asked if I ever had a phase or experimented. I sort of laughed a bit and said no no, that wasn’t something I’d ever done.”

He asked if I ever had a phase or experimented. I sort of laughed a bit and said no no, that wasn’t something I’d ever done.

At the end of the night the two men exchanged numbers and said their goodbyes.

They met again the following day and texted constantly throughout the week, arranging another get-together for the following weekend, this time with the friend who had been there for their first meeting.

“We all had a terrific time, James cooked for us, we had plenty to eat and drink, spent time in the pool, shot darts, it was a blast.”

After his friend left, the 41-year-old “felt the urge to stay and hang out longer”.

“This time we sat on his pool deck until 2am talking about everything you could imagine.

“I realised the time and had to take off, he understood and instead of shaking hands he hugged me, this is not usual for me whatsoever, but it felt so naturally acceptable, like I WANTED him to do it.”

It felt so naturally acceptable, like I WANTED him to do it.

After their late-night ‘date’, the 41-year-old straight man realised that his feelings for James went beyond friendship.

“I thought about the way I feel about him and I’ve concluded it’s the same way you feel when you meet someone who you fall in love with.

“I’m torn as far as what to do, because I love this feeling and I think I’m falling in love with this guy. It feels so strange to type that out but I think it’s true.”

The 41-year-old said that he had planned another date – this time a hike – with James for the following Saturday, and asked his fellow Redditors what he should do.

A close-up of two men's legs walking through a wooded area

The man planned to tell his new friend about his feelings while on a hike. (Pexels)

The majority encouraged him to “go with the flow” – which is exactly what he did.

“We hiked a trail for the better part of the day before stopping to rest. When I had the opportunity in conversation I mentioned that I had thought about his question about me ever having a male-male experiment and I told him that although I hadn’t ever really had one or considered it until that point, I thought I might be curious to try it.”

He said that his nerves got the better of him, and their date ended as all others did.

A few days later they met again at a pub before going back to James’ house.

“At the end of the night I went to leave, I had been working myself up to kiss him all night, figuring it would be easier with some drinks in me.

“I went in for our hug, when I pulled back I kept my arms around his back, let him pull back until he was spaced back, he looked me right in the face and sort of smirked, and I laid it on him, I went right in and kissed him.

I went right in and kissed him.

“It was short, I didn’t use much tongue, but I pulled back and said, ‘I guess I can say I’ve experimented now, right?’ and he sort of chuckled and said, ‘Yeah, I guess you can, man.’

“He had a sort of confused smile on his face, I had one on mine AND IT WAS FIREWORKS IN MY STOMACH.”

The straight man ended his post by saying that he had another date planned in for Monday, when he planned to tell James how he felt. Until then, we’re all waiting with bated breath.