TikTok star Noah Beck shoots down ‘boyfriend’ rumours: ‘Ya’ll don’t be hugging your friends?’

Noach Beck wears a black blazer and blue and white top with a necklace at a Vanity Fair event.

TikTok influencer and former footballer Noah Beck has dismissed rumours that he has a boyfriend after being spotted embracing a man at Coachella.

Over the weekend, photos and a short video clip taken during the Coachella music festival in California began to circulate online, showing Beck, 22, with a man wrapped around his neck.

One photo shows Beck kissing the man on the side of the head, with social media dwellers deeming the footage proof that Beck “has a boyfriend”.

Yet the TikTok sensation, who went viral in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic and now has more than 33 million followers on the platform, has seemingly dispelled the rumours.

Beck shared a selfie on Instagram Stories in which he looked perplexed, alongside the caption: “Y’all don’t be hugging ur friends???”

Some social media users have pointed out that the man in Beck’s posts is his long-term friend and vice president of A&R at Capitol Records, Carter Gregory.

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Beck previously dated fellow social media influencer Dixie D’Amelio between 2020 and 2022.

Fans have consistently made baseless claims about the star’s sexuality: last year, he was forced to clarify that a video he shared on TikTok wasn’t a “coming out” video.

The video in question showed Beck dancing on stage with a singer in the Bahamas, who stroked the internet star’s head and then said to him: “I know you’re gay, just go with it.”

Beck shared the clip, and fans appeared to take his approval of the video as some sort of “coming out” moment. 

In an interview on YouTube with the Zach Sang Show, Beck clarified that he only shared the video as it was “funny”, and scalded his fans who continue to speculate about his sexuality.

“I didn’t think anything of it… [but] people were like: ‘Is this a coming out video?’ And I was like, “No, it’s just a funny video’,” he told Sang.

After being pressed by Sang on whether he was coming out, Beck replied firmly: “No.”

“People have a hard time… I grew up with two sisters, I grew up playing soccer and I grew up in a very female-dominated household. I’m just not afraid to be in touch with my feminine side,” he further explained.

Speaking of the members of his fanbase who are “aggressive” with their beliefs on his sexuality, Beck continued: “They’re like: ‘Oh no, there’s no way he’s not’, and I’m like: ‘What’s the point of even saying anything?’”

While Beck might not have been engaging in anything queer at Coachella weekend one, plenty of other stars were.

Most notably, Billie Eilish premiered a snippet of her explicit new sapphic song, “Lunch”, in which the 22-year-old artist sings: “I could eat that girl for lunch, yeah, she dances on my tongue, tastes like she might be the one.”