Marc Almond wants you to know he’s not transphobic after deleting ‘anti-trans’ tweets

Marc Almond. (David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns via Getty)

Singer Marc Almond is insisting he is not transphobic after posting a series ‘anti-trans’ tweets where he said he “draws the line after LGBT” and anything after that is “alienating, not inclusive”.

The gay Soft Cell musician explained he’s “not transphobic and to even suggest it is ridiculous and quite offensive” and sought to re-affirm his commitment to the community in a statement shared to PinkNews by his management.

It comes after Almond, 62, fired out a series of since deleted tweets abrading those who use diverse labels for their gender identity and sexual orientation earlier this month.

According to OutInPerth, he tweeted: “I draw the line after LGBT as well. I won’t add all those extra things. I find it ridiculous and alienating NOT inclusive.”

The singer, according to screenshots, advocated for a “world without labels” before referring to himself as “a bloke, male” and then appearing to advocate for label-specific restrooms.

Providing public restrooms for everyone on the gender spectrum has emerged as a crucial social and legislative fight for trans and non-binary advocates.

After the wave, the ‘Tainted Love’ singer followed-up by saying: “There, I’ve made my point and got that out of my system. Just got rid of that rage.”

“I’ve always supported the fluidity of gender.”

The tweets lead to accusations that Almond is anti-trans, and some fans accused the singer of attempting to airbrush his history when he deleted the tweets.

Almond rebutted this in the statement to PinkNews: “I delete most of my tweets which has nothing to do with backtracking, well not always.”

“The tweets actually referred to my rage about other political matters (like we all are presently) and labelling myself as ‘a bloke’ was, of course, a joke, as any intelligent person could see.”

He added: “I’ve always supported the fluidity of genders and have of course dealt with varying genders in a lot of my songs. I have trodden where others wouldn’t dare at a time when most people were in the closet.

“I have experimented with gender types myself when others choose not to.

Marc Almond performs at the Barbican York on March 26, 2017 in York, England. (Andrew Benge/Redferns)

Marc Almond performs at the Barbican York on March 26, 2017 in York, England. (Andrew Benge/Redferns)

“I just felt that the 100 labels was diluting an important issue, confusing and even tribally regressive.

“Are we going to have a 100 colour flag, why not just one white flag to represent all the colours of our spectrum?”

He added: “These days, I’m not even allowed a mild opinion without being the target of ‘thought fascists’.”

Almond went onto state that fans know he can “sometimes be controversial, provocative and ironic” before concluding: “But we live, it seems, only in the age of ‘literal’.

“In honesty, shouldn’t we all be working towards the same goal, not dividing ourselves into narrower and smaller subdivision.  The goal should and always must be equality, and a celebration of our similarities that make us different.”

What exactly did Marc Almond tweet? 

According to screenshots, there were four tweets that saw Almond skewer the trans and non-binary community.

“I’ve always wanted a world without labels, one big melting pot as Blue Mink said (sorry bad song) or People Are People as Depeche Mode said. Now I have over 100 to choose from.

“Sorry not paying that game,” said one tweet, according to a screenshot.

This echoed an interview Almond have to the Scottish Herald in 2017, where he said: “I hate the LGBT thing. There’s no gay community anymore.”

Almond was commenting on how the acronym “separates” queer people. He added: “I hate the fact sections have appeared, for example the transgender community, the lesbians, all divided. I don’t think there is such a thing as a gay community anymore.”

Moreover, Almond hit out at gender neutral bathrooms in another tweet: “WOMEN now have to use a toilet where a MAN has pissed all over the seat.”

“Heard so many complaining at venues. But people are scared to complain because of the righteous ‘I’m offended’ fascists,” Almond added.

Moreover, amid the criticism, singer Boy George jumped in to support Almond, saying he doesn’t believe for a nano second that Marc Almond is transphobic.

Almond added that he has trans friends and called the condemnation of his tweets “Twitter hysteria”.

“All this PC stuff is giving me a headache, too,” added George.

Almond shot to fame in the early 80s with his band, Soft Cell. After the band disbanded in 1984, he went onto enjoy a solo career.

During a 1993 tour of Russia, live on television, Almond pleaded for greater tolerance of gay people and has spoken out against the atrocities of Chechnya, where queer people are being detained and persecuted according to local activists.