Houses in Britain targeted with vile, homophobic and hateful leaflets just days before Pride

homophobic leaflet

Houses in Worcester were targeted with homophobic, hate-filled leaflet just days before the Worcestershire Pride parade at the weekend, September 21.

The leaflet, titled “Pride Points to Ponder”, listed 45 insults against the LGBT+ community.

Some of the “points” included were “bisexuals spread disease to gays and straights”, “homosexualism was intrinsic to the Nazi movement” and “transgenderism is irrational – a fad and a cult”.

At the bottom of the list, the leaflet reads: “These are the points to ponder when the Pride carnival comes to town. It’s a freak show.”

homophobic leaflet

Phil Harper posted images of the leaflet on social media to encourage others to report it as a hate crime. (Phil Harper)

Police are investigating to find the sender of the homophobic leaflets.

Phil Harper, whose friend received one of the leaflets, posted it on social media to encourage others to report it as a hate crime. 

Harper told Worcester News: “My friend showed me the leaflet and we are not sure whether it was random posting or if it was targeted because it was in an envelope rather than just loose.

“It was horrifying to read the leaflet and it shows the need for more education and events like Pride. Hopefully events like Pride can show that it’s a load of rubbish.

“The leaflets are made under the mask of religion – but this is no religion I know. What we did was share it to try and get it reported as a hate crime.

“I know of a few other people who have had them and they have been reported as a hate crime. It is a real shame that such a positive event like pride has this hanging over it.”

Harper told PinkNews that police are investigating to try and trace the source of the leaflets.

He added: “They have taken it seriously, which is good. Thankfully Worcestershire Pride was successful with no disruption.”