To the surprise of no one, a homophobic Russian politician wants to ban Mattel’s gender-inclusive dolls

Mattel gender non-conforming doll

Homophobic Russian politician Vitaly Milonov has said that he wants to ban the new gender-inclusive dolls by Mattel from entering the country.

Last week the toy manufacturer launched the gender non-conforming Creatable World dolls which come with short hair and a longer wig, as well as various “masculine” and “feminine” clothing options, so children can customise the doll’s gender expression.

But Milonov, a member of the State Duma and the original proponent of Russia’s “gay propaganda law”, told Moskva News Agency that he plans to ask the country’s Industry and Trade Ministry to ban the import and sale of the dolls.

He said: “They must be officially banned from import as freak dolls.

“These dolls are the manifestation of an intolerant attitude toward people with genetic deformities, because a doll without gender is a person without gender – a sick person.”

Milonov added that anyone selling the Mattel dolls will be arrested, and those who gave information on where they were being sold “will receive a badge or something”.

It is not yet clear whether his proposed ban will be enforced.

Russian politician Vitaly Milonov

Vitaly Milonov. (Sergei PetrovTASS via Getty)

Russian politician Vitaly Milonov has compared gay sex to bestiality.

Milonov has a long and extreme anti-gay record.

As well as being the author of Russia’s 2013 law banning “gay propaganda”, he claimed Angela Merkel had “kissed Satan” when same-sex marriage was legalised in Germany.

At a Russian LGBT+ film festival last year, organisers claimed that Milonov physically blocked the entrance and called the police to say that hostages had been taken inside the venue in order to get it raided.

The Moscow Times reported that video footage of the incident showed Milonov shouting: “Dear citizens, you know yourselves that you are perverts; you need to disperse.

“We are Russian people who are on our home soil, and you’re not. Your motherland is Sodom and Gomorrah.”

He has compared gay sex to bestiality and led repeated calls for Russia to withdraw from the Eurovision Song Contest over LGBT+ content.

Milonov labelled the contest the “Eurovision sodom show” after Conchita Wurst’s 2014 victory, saying: “Even just broadcasting the competition in Russia could insult millions of Russians.

“The participation of the obvious transvestite and hermaphrodite Conchita Wurst on the same stage as Russian singers on live television is blatant propaganda of homosexuality and spiritual decay.”