Yet even more Christian extremists are complaining about gender-inclusive dolls because apparently there’s nothing else to do

Mattel gender-inclusive dolls

To the surprise of no one, the anti-LGBT+ evangelical group One Million Moms is not happy about Mattel’s new gender-inclusive dolls.

Last week the toy manufacturer launched the gender non-conforming ‘Creatable World’ dolls which come with short hair and a longer wig, as well as various “masculine” and “feminine” clothing options, so children can customise the doll’s gender expression.

The toy manufacturer said the dolls were “designed to keep labels out and invite everyone in.”

But One Million Moms, a subdivision of the extremist American Family Association,  has started a petition to have the toys discontinued.

The anti-LGBT+ group wrote: “Mattel has actually created a toy that glorifies gender inclusivity and ignores one’s biological sex.

“Calling ‘gender’ a label is the same as saying that being a male or female is no different than being tall or short.

“Mattel is confusing our innocent children by attempting to destroy very definitive gender lines. Why can’t the toy manufacturer let kids be who God created them to be instead of glamorizing a sinful lifestyle?

“Mattel is following a trend to desensitize America by telling children they can be whatever gender they want to be. This irresponsible line of toys is dangerous to the well-being of our children.”

The petition has been signed by almost 10,000 supporters of One Million Moms.

The group is notorious for its petitions and boycotts and previously called Whole Foods “absolute filth” after a branch of the supermarket hosted a Drag Queen Story Time event.

The Christian organisation said at the time: “A retailer that once promoted organics and clean food is now saturated in absolute filth, exploiting America’s children to be ‘groomed’ by drag queens.”

One Million Moms has also boycotted Disney over two scenes in Toy Story 4 which show two mothers dropping their child off at school and then picking the child up and hugging them.