Kate McKinnon served Sasha Velour and Elizabeth Warren realness on SNL and it’s everything

Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren on Saturday Night Live

Elizabeth Warren had her status as bonfide gay icon cemented on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live (SNL), as lesbian comic Kate McKinnon impersonated the Massachusetts senator by way of RuPaul’s Drag Race star Sasha Velour.

The category was Democrat frontrunner realness and McKinnon channeled Warren’s energetic presence – “I had some apple slices backstage and they are hitting me like cocaine” – and her growing queer appeal – “I am not a lesbian but all the ingredients are there.”

McKinnon donned one of the senator’s jewel-tone blazers for a send-up of Thursday night’s Equality Town Hall, which saw nine presidential hopefuls field questions on LGBT+ rights.

Unlike the real-life event, which was anchored by a blundering Chris Cuomo, SNL‘s was emceed by Billy Porter in full-blown ballroom mode.

“Warren-ing! Warren-ing! The senator is here,” he said, as McKinnon revisited the moment Warren was asked about her views on same-sex marriage.

The senator won Thursday’s Town Hall with a scorching put-down of anti-LGBT+ views which went viral on social media.

SNL took things a step further by declaring the library “officially open”.

“Miss Thing is about to get read,” said Porter, as McKinnon slid on a pair of fuchsia reading glasses.

“I would say sir, tell me your bus stop because I want to know where you get off,” came the first zing.

“If someone doesn’t want to serve gay people at their business, I bet that’s not the only thing that’s small.

“And when people say gay and trans people shouldn’t be included in civil rights protections, well I wish their parents had used protections,” McKinnon concluded, before lifting up her mousy brown wig to reveal a shower of rose petals.

Naturally, gay Twitter got its life.

So far this month, McKinnon is two-for-two in terms of Warren skits.

Last week’s episode addressed the (strongly denied) rumour that the 70-year-old had hired a 25-year-old former US Marine for BDSM sessions.

“That’s Elizabeth Warren’s vibe for sure,” joked McKinnon.

“I am into BDSM. Bank-destroying and saving medicare.”