Jeff Goldblum reveals how ‘cruel’ dad forced his brother through traumatising conversion therapy

Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum has revealed that his late gay brother was forced to endure traumatising conversion therapy by their father.

In an interview with The Times Magazine, the actor said that his father’s treatment of his brother Lee, who recently passed away, was often “cruel”.

The Jurassic Park star said that his father, Harold, had a “traditional masculine sense of himself” which he found hard to reconcile with having a gay son.

He said: “My dad was, without knowing why, conspicuously cruel to [Lee] at times.”

Goldblum said that when Harold found out that Lee was gay, he kept it a secret from the rest of the family and sent him to “therapy”.

He continued: “He didn’t tell the rest of us. Sent him to a therapist in order to ‘fix him’. It was all secret. That’s not so nourishing.”

His brother suffered from “troubles of one kind or another” throughout his life, said Goldblum, including including “physical ailments, [being] overweight, pharmaceuticals abuse and self-medication issues”.

Lee also found it hard to settle on a career, studying at medical school before joining the army, and then becoming a taxi driver.

Goldblum added that “for the last couple of decades of his life” his late brother had returned to live with their parents.

Jeff Goldblum attended an LGBT+ Pride event this summer

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A video widely shared on social media showed the 66-year-old dancing to Normani’s summer hit ‘Motivation’.

The actor was standing on a balcony wearing both leopard and zebra print, shaking his hips and pointing as a crowd of men below him go wild.

He was later driven away from Louisiana’s largest LGBT+ street event in a golf cart.