Neighbours turn a trans woman’s house into a defiant rainbow after vicious transphobes cut her cat in half

Trans woman's house turned rainbow after transphobes cut cat in half

For years, a trans woman had been quietly dealing with the abuse a neighbour pelted her with, until the person killed and cut her cat in half.

All for hoisting an Pride flag outside her house.

Angelina Bouros, based in New York, US, discovered her cat Rambo’s body ditched behind her shed. An incident that was the boiling point of unrelenting harassment that stretched back to 2017.

Transphobic neighbour cut woman’s cat in half because she had a Pride flag. 

But after sharing the incident on Twitter, Rosendale locals pulled together to support her by transforming her house with the colours of the rainbow to give a strong statement that transphobia will not be tolerated.

“They picked the wrong person to pick on,” Bouros told NowThisNews.

“I had put a rainbow flag on my house and somebody around here didn’t like the fact that the rainbow flag was up.”

A simple flag fluttering in the breeze ignited the fury from a member of her neighbourhood, sending four hate mail letters weighed with profanity and abuse.

The neighbour never identified themselves, but they made it clear that they killed and chopped her beloved cat in half. Leaving his corpse brazenly cast behind her back-garden.

‘When we stick together, we are stronger.’

“I don’t have any children,” she said, “so my cats are my children.

“And I love them as much as a person could love a pet.”

As much as the incident broke her, it only made Bouros more “determined to stand up even more”.

“The only way for me to push back was to paint my house,” she said.

“And not only for my sake, but to let the community know why I’m doing this, that I had to take a stand against hatred and bigotry.”

She took to Facebook in 2019 to first reveal her DIY plans, showing her bungalow spruced up with splashes of colour: “The party is just starting,” she wrote.

“That is what community is all about: standing together and fighting back against hatred and bigotry.

“Don’t allow other people to dictate who you are and can and cannot be.

“When we stick together, we are stronger.”