Hilarious gay men’s choir tribute to Laura Dern now has a stomping dance club remix

Laura Dern

It’s news we never expected to write, but, the Laura Dern song has defied all expectations and has officially gotten even gayer.

The anthem to the Oscar-winning Marriage Story star, which went viral last month after it was performed by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles alongside Glee‘s Alex Newell at the 35th annual Independent Spirit Awards, celebrating queer movie moments.

Chorus members dedicated the song to Dern, a 53-year-old professional gay icon, in a one-minute-long segment which included a surprise gospel finale from Newell. It became an infinite amount of queer folks’ ringtones, we imagine.

Laura Dern anthem gets remixed which is, well, what else other than gay rights? 

The song referenced many aspects of Dern’s existence which leading experts in what is gay say is 100 per cent gay. “Laura Dern ordering a kale salad / Laura Dern dressed slutty in court.”

And, the most accurate lyric: “Just all of Laura Dern.”

The song was intended to “shine a spotlight on the gayest moments in films that you may not have realised were gay”. These were primarily plucked from the past year’s standout indie films.

“Idina Menzel in Uncut Gems,” the song went,J Lo pole-dancing to Fiona Apple / FKA Twigs talking about snakes.”

But giving us a rare moment of bliss in a cursed timeline littered with war, disease and Nickleback, the song has now been remixed to enhance the level of homosexuality it champions.

Producer Quinn Coleman and DJs the Perry Twins created a dance and club versions of the song penned by producer Greg O’Connor and Jordan Firstman.

Moreover, all proceeds from the streaming go to GMCLA.

Firstman workshopped an opening performance number for the film awards festival, the Advocate reported.

He used a Google document to roundup dozens of films scenes that, while aggressively gay, may have slipped the radars of straight viewers.

The remixes are available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and most other major streaming services.