Non-binary person epically schools supermarket customer who says they’re ‘confusing’ him

Non-binary person has best response to man who says they’re ‘confusing’

A non-binary queer person had the best response to a man who thought he had the right to an explanation regarding their gender identity.

Thomas Hudson from Pennsylvania was minding their own business in the supermarket when a man approached them with a question.

Gesturing at their outfit, a fabulous red skirt paired with a floral blouse, the man asked: “Why are you wearing that? You’re confusing folks. Do you want to be a boy or a girl?”

Hudson calmly replied: “Neither, I want to be comfortable and left the f**k alone. The source of your confusion is not my concern, nor my responsibility. I wore this today because I wanted to.”

They added: “If you’d like to make a monthly donation to my wardrobe, I’d be happy to consider your opinion on my attire.”

Writing on Facebook after the encounter, Hudson said: “Needless to say, he didn’t agree to a monthly donation, so I will continue to be queer AF, and unbothered.”

Their confidence was so inspiring that their post has been liked 54,000 times and shared 23,000 times in under a week.

“People often feel entitled to shared their ‘discomfort’ with me,” Hudson told Metro. “For a while, I accepted the responsibility to make sense of it for others, but I struggled to do so because I couldn’t make sense of it to myself.

“I only recently found the confidence to start identifying as non-binary.”

Thomas Hudson identifies as a non-binary queer person (Facebook/Thomas Hudson)

Explaining their assurance in their gender identity, they said: “Something in me one day just clicked. After much therapy, learning from other visible non-binary folks, and learning to love myself, I woke up with a desire to be who I am and not give anyone an explanation on why my identity is valid.

“Every day I remind myself that I owe no one an explanation.”

Hudson works as a youth engagement coordinator, where they facilitate training in sexual orientation, gender identity and expression while doing LGBT+ advocacy work.

They gave the following words of encouragement for other non-binary people who are often confronted in public as they are.

“Your identity is valid and to never let anyone make you feel less than. People will always be uncomfortable, or will try to invalidate who you are with their hate,” they said.

“Remember that the only validation that you should seek is the one from the beautiful person you see in the mirror.

“Society’s ‘discomfort’ with you is not your responsibility, so do not give them the power or the energy by explaining what makes you non-binary. We have been here for centuries and will be here for many more to come. Stand in your truth.”