Drag Race winner Aquaria revived her Melania Trump impression to deliver an important coronavirus message

Aquaria and Melania Trump

Aquaria relived her Snatch Game character Melania Trump to relay an important message about the coronavirus pandemic.

The Drag Race winner served robotic first lady realness in a new TikTok video, lip-syncing to Melania Trump’s recent public service announcement on coronavirus.

The real Melania released a video on Thursday March 19 urging Americans to remain hopeful during the coronavirus lockdowns and periods of self-isolation.

“Today I want to speak with you about coronavirus and what it means to you and your family,” she said.

“While changes need to be made now, this is not how we will live forever.”

Aquaria smouldered in the first lady’s black rollback and wavy golden hair for her version of the announcement.

The real Melania ended her speech on a bizarre note as she appeared to quote High School Musical.

“Remember while many of us apart, we are all in this together,” she said.

Aquaria, who would have been nine-years-old when the film was first released, didn’t miss the reference and broke into the original choreography.

Aquaria defends RuPaul’s Drag Race community.

Before coronavirus forced much of the world into self-isolation, the biggest issue on Aquaria’s plate was Sherry Pie’s disqualification from Drag Race season 12.

Sherry, real name Joey Gugliemelli, was removed from the competition after being accused of catfishing several actors.

After Gugliemelli issued an apology for his actions, it was announced that he would not appear in the season 12 finale, which is yet to film, but would remain in preceding episodes which were taped last year.

Aquaria was one of many incensed by the controversy, warning him: “You are walking on very thin ice.

“Choose your words wisely because my community is not the one to f**k with.”