YouTuber Miranda Sings made a pathetic joke about coming out and the backlash was blistering

The creator of Miranda Sings has apologised

The creator of parody YouTuber Miranda Sings has apologised after a fake “coming out“.

Colleen Ballinger, who plays the over-the-top internet personality Miranda Sings, had teased a video with decided to tease a “surprise announcement” with a photo of the in front of a rainbow flag.

Miranda Sings ‘coming out’ joke has seriously annoyed people.

On her Miranda Sings Twitter account, she wrote: “10 min. im so nervous”.

Of course, it was all just a set-up for a not particularly funny joke.

She tweeted: “i hav a secret… i am cuming out 2day 4 u all this has ben so hard 2 cum to terms wit, but im proud. i stand be4 u 2day as a meghon traner fan. i hope u can al except me.”

The messages were deleted after a swift backlash from fans, one of whom wrote: “You always talk about how much you care about our community & stuff & I don’t see how you think that coming out as a joke is appropriate.

“You’re 33 years of age. I’m a long term fan but I’m asking you now to apologise, this is gross.”

Another added: “While i know this is a joke and she meant no harm, at her age she gotta stop with this.”

The backlash led Ballinger to apologise.

Colleen Ballinger: ‘This shouldn’t have been tweeted.’

She wrote: “I agree with you, and I regret it which is why I deleted it. I’m deeply sorry. Miranda is a character.

“A lot of the time I base the character on people who are idiots. I will see people do something awful and then do it as Miranda to show them how idiotic it looks. but this shouldn’t have been tweeted.

“Queerbating is wrong. Period. I’m the biggest supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community and the fact that I disappointed people in that community is devastating.”

When another fan called out the “disappointing” tweet, she added: “I did apologise and I will continue to for as long as I need to.

On the whole, fans were thankful for the concise apology.

One wrote: “Thank you for always being willing to listen to us and learn if we are offended. I couldn’t even get my mom to say anything nearly as lovely and respectful. Thank you for what you’ve done for my community against idiots.”

Another added: “This right here is why I stan you. you would never do anything to hurt anyone, and if you accidentally mess up, you SAY you were in the wrong and apologise. not many influencers are brave enough to do that.”