Stephen Fry, Jameela Jamil, Nigella Lawson and heaps more share powerful messages of support to the trans community

Stephen Fry (L), Jameela Jamil and more shared why being a trans ally is vital on Trans Day of Visibility for the Sarah O'Connell Show. (Screen captures via YouTube)

What do Katherine Ryan, Stephen Fry, Jameela Jamil, Nigella Lawson, Dawn Butler and Matt Lucas all have in common?

They all said, at the top of their lungs, trans rights!

March 31 is Trans Day of Visibility. Increasingly seen, increasingly defiant of imposed expectations and limitations, trans, non-binary and gender-nonconforming folk are more visible than ever before.

Stephen Fry: ‘We owe it to them to show our support and to fight against transphobia.’

After decades of being misunderstood and disparaged, trans folk are now fighting for equal rights. YouTuber Sarah O’Connell roped together a glittering constellation of stars to come together and share why being a trans ally is important to them for her show.

“I just want to salute and send my love and support to all my trans friends and all trans followers and people watching,” TV personality Fry said with a very on-brand background of lines upon lines of bookshelves.

“They face enough difficulties in stepping up to who they really are and becoming who they know they were born to be.

“We all, really, owe it to them to show our support and to fight against transphobia which is an ugly scar in the world at the moment.

“So sending lots and lots of love and hope you’re all keeping safe and well.”

Actor Jamil described how her I Weigh movement has a particular trans following because “they don’t have the luxury often of being able to focus on their inside because our society so constantly pushes and prods and challenges them on the outside”.

“It’s something I find disgusting,” she added, “and ignorant, and I spend a lot of my time trying to fight against as an ally.”

Who’s who of stars and celebrities send messages of support on Trans Day of Visibility.

Comedian Ryan in her bathrobe said: “Just sending a message of support to the trans community.

“You are loved, you deserve to be exactly who you want to be, you deserve to be safe, you deserve to be here.

“And it’s important to be a trans ally because there are some weirdos out there who take a very strange interest on who uses what bathroom and who’s allowed to do what.

“These people, they need to be stopped. Because, live your life, freedom, that’s what it’s all about.

“Trans people are so, so entitled to that freedom and I hope that I can be a great ally to you and hopefully be better all the time.”

Oh, but it’s not just those aforementioned folks who expressed their devotion to trans people in the Sarah O’Connell Show.

Judd Apatow, Denise Welch, Frankie Boyle, Tara Strong, Hugo Boss, Paul Feig, Dustin Rhodes, Christina Bianco, Sander Jennings, Grey DeLisle-Griffin, Tom Read Wilson, Greg Proops, Lou Sanders, John Robins, Paul Walter Hauser, Suzi Ruffell, Jeremy Vine, Bec Hill, Tom Allen, Laura Lexx, Stephen Bailey, Jessica Fostekew, Colin Mochrie, Susie Green, Derrick Barry, Janey Godley, Harriet Thorpe, Linda Riley and Gaby Roslin also chime in.

And breathe.