Killing Eve just came back with a bang and a ‘big fat lesbian wedding’

Villanelle in a black wedding suit

Killing Eve is back for its third season, and it seems as though Eve and Villanelle might finally be done with one another. Warning – spoilers follow.

The bloody cat-and-mouse drama returned on Sunday (April 12) on BBC America, picking up six months after Villanelle shot Eve and left her for dead in Rome.

After a brief flashback to 1974 Moscow (more on that later), the season three premiere opened with a wedding. Specifically, Villanelle’s.

It transpires that since we last saw our favourite unhinged assassin, she’s met another woman, Maria.

Killing Eve season three premiere opens with an unusual wedding toast.

“When I first met Maria, I thought: great shoes,” Villanelle jokes while giving her bridal toast.

“But then I learned there’s so much more to her than that. She also has a great house with a pool and a tailor, hairdresser… really is the all-round excellent package.”

Amid awkward titters, she moves on to her recent “really bad break-up”.

“When I think about my ex today. I realise, I’m so much happier now she’s dead,” she says, to silence.

Queer Killing Eve fans were, naturally, thrilled by the scene.

Of course, the wedding isn’t some sort of happy-ending reset for Villanelle.

Mid-way through her first dance, she spots a mystery woman leaving the room who turns out to be her old Russian mentor Dasha (the person we saw in the opening flashback).

Quickly the party descends into farce, with Villanelle soon disappearing with Dasha, leaving her new bride in tears.

Elsewhere, we learn that Villanelle was wrong about her ex. Eve is alive and – if not well, certainly breathing.

She’s given up her MI6 life and is now working in a restaurant kitchen, living alone with Niko in a facility recovering from his break down.

The episode ends with a shock death, which – even more surprisingly – doesn’t bring our favourite maybe-ex-couple back together.

It seems as though it’s going to be a while before we see Eve and Villanelle together again. But when we do, it’s sure to be delicious.