Billy Porter, the queen of stunting pretty, teases show-stopping ‘genderless’ fairy godmother Cinderella look

Billy Porter

Billy Porter has hinted at what his “genderless” fairy godmother costume will look like in the upcoming live-action remake of Cinderella, due for release in 2021.

The Pose star and queer icon revealed his role last month, and said that it was a “profound feeling” to be part of reinventing the classic fairytale.

During an appearance on Variety Live on Tuesday, April 21, he gave a few more details.

He said: “Magic is genderless. We have all these sort of genders that we’ve put on things and it doesn’t actually matter.

“It’s not about sex. It’s not about sexuality. It’s not about gender. It’s about magic. It’s about being somebody’s fairy godmother, father, person, whatever you want to call it. That’s what it’s about.”

Although he did not reveal anything about the songs he would be singing, he gave some details on what we all need to know about – the costume.

Porter said: “It’s gold and there are pants, there are skirts, there are heels, there are cowl necks and wands and things.”

Billy Porter is bringing back protest music.

Billy Porter also discussed the release of his new single, a cover of 1967 protest song “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield, coming on Friday April 24.

He said: “Protest music was a big deal and I’m trying to bring that back because I got some s**t to say.

“I’m sick of it. And this is how I do it, through my art. I’m not a lawyer. I’m not a doctor. I’m not a community organiser. I’m not a politician. I’m an artist.

“So through my art is how I communicate. And I hope that this song is a call to action. I hope that it inspires people to get out and vote, and make sure that everybody who they know and who they come in contact with gets out and votes, because when Democrats actually come out and vote, we always win.”