Man shot dead by ‘secret gay lover’ after his own mother allegedly tried to blackmail them over their relationship

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A gay man in Moscow was shot dead by a man believed to be his secret lover after they became embroiled in an alleged blackmail plot orchestrated by his own mother.

According to Russian news outlet MK, the incident occurred at a suburban apartment on Mitinskaya street, where the 23-year-old son lived with his mother.

The man’s 28-year-old lover, alternately described as a “close friend”, arrived at around 11 am. Neighbours say they began arguing loudly in the corridor, with one witness reporting that the victim was attempting to end the relationship.

Hearing swearing and screams, the mother joined them in the hallway of the apartment. There the man is said to have taken out a gun and opened fire, shooting five bullets into his former lover’s stomach.

As the mother rushed to her son’s defence the man turned the gun on her too, before reportedly shooting himself in the neck in an apparent suicide attempt.

Mother and gunman survived the shooting.

An ambulance was called by a neighbour and paramedics rushed to the scene. They were able to save the mother and the lover, but the son sadly died from his wounds.

Police are now investigating the incident, which according to Gay Nation started when the mother found out about her son’s secret gay relationship.

She allegedly planned to blackmail the couple with intimate photos in a bid to break them up.

MK reports that the mother admitted she often argued with her son’s ‘friend’, but says the reason for her dislike was because he was repeatedly charged with robbery.

According to available information, the police are treating the murder as a criminal incident with no mention of homosexuality.

The sister of the victim insists that her brother was not a gay man and had met a girl around six months ago.

“My brother is not gay, this can’t be at all,” she explained to Life Magazine.

“This is false information. What kind of nonsense? They were not in a relationship. They were friends.”