The Love, Victor trailer is here and it’s super queer, teasing a huge Drag Race cameo and a surprising Love, Simon twist

Michael Cimino as Victor in the Love, Simon spin-off Love, Victor

A full trailer is here for Disney’s big gay Love, Simon TV spin-off Love, Victor.

The ten-episode TV show, which is coming to Hulu in the US from June 19, is set in the same universe as Love, Simon but features an all-new cast, led by Victor (Michael Cimino), a new student at Creekwood High School.

In the trailer, Victor – who is turning 16 and, you guessed it, grappling with his sexuality – is seen writing a letter to the off-in-college Simon, neatly mirroring the premise of the original film.

Victor explains: “My story is confusing. Some guys like guys, some guys like girls, some guys like both. I’m not even sure what I like.”

He adds: “You’re very lucky, Simon, for having the world’s most perfect, accepting parents and supportive friends. For some of us, it’s not that easy. I’m not ready to open up to a whole bunch of strangers.”

Love, Victor trailer reveals a major returning character from Love, Simon.

The trailer gives a glimpse at the obligatory high school parties, gay kisses and oodles of angst.

Love, Simon spin-off Love, Victor is set to arrive on Hulu next month

Love, Simon spin-off Love, Victor is set to arrive on Hulu next month

Nick Robinson, who played Simon Spier in the original film, returns as a narrator – but it’s not yet confirmed whether the character will make an in-person appearance in the TV series.

One character who definitely is returning, though, is Simon’s boyfriend Bram, played by Keiynan Lonsdale, who appears briefly in the trailer.

Another surprise cameo comes in the form of RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Katya, who appears in full drag.

Overall, fans seem relatively happy about the new show.

Spin-off is addressing Love, Simon‘s biggest problem.

One YouTube commenter wrote: “This show will mean the world to me. Growing up as bisexual was a difficult task being an immigrant and coming from a very religious Catholic background. Learning to love who I was was a journey and I am glad that it is finally being accurately portrayed by a Latinx protagonist.”

Another added: “I’m glad they’re addressing Simon having super supportive parents and friends and community members and how that’s not everyone’s (hardly anyone’s) experience. I’m super excited for this show!”

One fan added: “Everyone is freaking out about Bram… I’m one of those people! But seriously though I’m so excited for this… it tells the same story but in different circumstances.

“If Love, Simon shows us love comes in many forms and acceptance, I think this one will show us courage and bravery towards adversity that comes in our lives. It’ll show the opposite side of the spectrum of the what ifs in Love, Simon and I’m seriously rooting for the success of this one.”

The show’s release has been subject to some behind-the-scenes drama, with Disney bosses opting to bump it from the Disney Plus streaming platform to Hulu after internal disputes over its content.

It was claimed that depictions of drinking and infidelity were the key bone of contention over the show’s presence on the youth-focused Disney Plus, but fans have also suggested that unease at depictions of queer storylines may also have caused the move.