Cis women sickened over transphobia being spread in their name share defiant messages of solidarity with vulnerable trans people

Cis women send powerful messages of solidarity in defence of trans rights

Cis women are speaking out in support of trans women in the wake of reports that the government is proposing to roll back trans rights.

The Sunday Times reported last weekend that Johnson allegedly plans to scrap long-delayed reforms to the Gender Recognition Act (GRA) – the process that trans people have, since 2004, used to update the gender marker on their birth certificates – and instead bring in “new protections” for women’s single-sex spaces that would bar trans women from using them.

Reforming the GRA – which was a pioneering law when it was introduced in 2004, but is now out of date – would have made it more straightforward for trans people to get legal recognition of their gender.

But a pernicious anti-trans narrative has infected the media, pitting trans rights as being in opposition to women’s rights – and often deliberately excluding the many cisgender allies of trans people’s fight.

In an effort to combat this, the LGBT Foundation asked those whose support for trans rights is often left out of the narrative – usually trans men and cis women – why they support trans rights.

“”We are deeply concerned by media reports today which appear to confirm the government’s intention to drop the long awaited reforms to the Gender Recognition Act. This is despite 70 per cent of reported responses to the Government’s own consultation showing support for reforms,” said Rob Cookson, deputy chief executive of the LGBT Foundation.

The voices of trans allies, he added, are “vital in helping to end discrimination and hatred towards trans people”.

Cis women speak out for trans rights.

“As a cisgender woman I would like to say to all of the trans and non-binary community: I see you,” one woman wrote.

“I recognise you, and I support your right to be you. I have never felt that my identity and rights are threatened by trans and non-binary people.”

Another cis woman said: “I stand in solidarity with the trans community.

“Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non-binary people exist. Trans and non-binary rights are human rights.

“Black trans lives matter. You are beautiful, you are loved and you deserve to take up space.”

Yet another cis woman answered the LGBT Foundation’s call for allies voices, saying, “As a trans ally it’s imperative that we share messages of support and validation.

“I am sending lots of love and strength to all trans people.

“At a time when you might be questioning how ‘accepted’ you are in our world, please know that so many people are outraged by recent events and opinions, and so many people have got your back.

“As a cis woman I celebrate the diversity of women’s communities – if trans women weren’t part of these communities there would be a huge gap.”

Another cis woman also contributed, writing: “I am a straight cisgender feminist woman and I am against all forms of transphobia.

“I am sickened that my sexuality and cis-genderedness are being used as a part of this divisive narrative.

“I stand with trans and non-binary people. Being the person you know you are should not have to be a fight.”