JK Rowling ‘has fallen in with the wrong crowd’ says non-binary author who quit her writing agency over its stance on trans rights

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An author who quit the writing agency that represents JK Rowling over its refusal to publicly support trans rights said the Harry Potter author has “has fallen in with the wrong crowd”.

Fox Fisher, a non-binary author, was one of four writers who decided to leave The Blair Partnership this week after it refused to “reaffirm their stance to transgender rights and equality”.

The other writers who resigned from the agency were Drew Davies, Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir, and one writer who has remained anonymous.

According to the Daily Mail, Fisher told BBC Radio 4: “I think she’s fallen in with the wrong crowd.

“And that she is very scared and fearful of things when she just needs to spend some time with some transgender people who might also have been her fans.

“I think when we are not transgender we get our information from other sources including non-transgender people and I think that information can be very flawed.

“I just think that if she opened her eyes and saw that transgender women are women then we’d be able to move forward.”

Fish said that the writing agency was “was created around JK Rowling”, and added: “Even combined we’d never have the same sales as she does.

“Since December I’ve been trying to speak to the agency about JK Rowling’s tweets and while I’d never be able to change her views — or demand to — all we wanted really was an open conversation.”

Fox Fisher has received “horrendous” online abuse after quitting JK Rowling writing agency.

Fox Fisher revealed on Twitter that they had received “horrendous” abuse after announcing they had left The Blair Partnership.

They wrote: “Standing up for yourself as a trans person often feels like a David and Goliath situation and it has an affect on every aspect of your life. The media is so skewed against us.

“The response online for leaving the agency is horrendous, and the amount of abuse I am receiving is intense.

“When you’ve struggled for most of your life finding a place in the world, all of the hateful comments is enough to push anyone to the edge.”

They added: “Trans people just want to be able to live their lives in peace and be respected and accepted for who they are.

“These conversations are so robbed of humanity and nuance, and I wish people would listen and know there is nothing to fear from trans people.”