More than 250,000 bigots have complained about Paris Jackson playing a lesbian ‘gender-bending’ Jesus

Paris Jackson is set to play lesbian Jesus Christ in the new film

More than 277,000 people have signed a petition to stop Paris Jackson playing a lesbian ‘gender-bending’ Jesus in new film Habit.

The queer actor, musician and daughter of Michael Jackson is set to take on the role of Jesus Christ in the upcoming thriller, alongside pansexual Bella Thorne, who plays a party girl with a Jesus fetish and escapes a drug deal gone wrong by disguising herself as a nun. Trans model Andreja Pejic also has an unspecified role in the film.

Now, more than a quarter of a million people have signed a petition, started by someone named Vivian in California just a week ago, insisting that the film is “Christianophobic”.

The petition states: “A new blasphemous Hollywood film is predicted to come out soon depicting Jesus as a lesbian woman.

“The film Habit stars Paris Jackson who plays the role of ‘lesbian Jesus’.

“Distributors haven’t picked it up as of yet, so let’s please spread awareness and wake people up to the Christianophobic garbage that is spread nowadays, but is somehow accepted and praised by society.”

Those who signed the petition were no less outraged than Vivian herself.

One wrote: “This movie is equivalent to slapping God in the face, what’s wrong with these people?

“It’s straight up evil. Y’all think COVID is bad? God is not gonna be happy about this one.”

“I believe in freedom of speech and expressing yourself, however I believe this could be very dangerous,” said another.

While many of the comments were homophobic, some were violently so, including “the Bible says to kill faggots”, and “those girls need to be stoned, like in the real Bible days”.

In May, One Million Moms – a front for the anti-LGBT+ fundamentalist lobbying group American Family Association – also created a petition to stop the “blasphemous” new film.

The group accused the filmmakers of “denigrating Jesus” and vowed to “make sure this film is not released… not now, not ever”.