Lesbian cheerleading coach accused of sexually abusing as many as 17 students says she’s the victim of a conspiracy

lesbian cheerleading coach abuse

A 22-year-old lesbian cheerleading coach in Adelaide, South Australia, has been charged with sexually abusing three of her students.

According to 7News, the woman, who remains anonymous, is a prominent figure in the Adelaide cheerleading scene.

She was arrested and charged with persistent sexual exploitation of a child in March, 2020. The offences allegedly occurred between 2015 and 2017, when the defendant was between 17 and 19 years old.

On Wednesday (July 29) the woman appeared in court for a second time, facing further charges relating to two more victims. According to the prosecution, as many as 14 other students have come forward with similar allegations against the coach, which police are currently investigating.

The 22-year-old has been released on bail, but with strict conditions. She is not allowed to spend time with anyone under the age of 18 without adult supervision, and she must have no contact with her alleged victims, even if they cross paths at cheerleading competitions or events.

She will appear in court again in September.

Lesbian cheerleading coach says allegations stem from team rivalry.

Speaking with 10 News First, the woman’s lawyer, Craig Caldicott, suggested that the allegations against the coach stemmed from a bitter rivalry between teams.

Caldicott said: “She’s not going down, she’ll fight it tooth and nail in the district court. They’ll be before a judge and jury, hopefully, and she’ll present her side of the story.”

“What occurred was a new club was set up, and the remaining complainants appear to be all from the old club… Just because you’ve got a large number of witnesses doesn’t mean that any of it can be proved.”

The prosecution told Adelaide Magistrates Court that the offences took place while the woman was working as cheerleading coach.

According to the Daily Mail, the prosecution said: “There are other witnesses who have come forward where we say there was offending, but charges have not been laid at this stage. There will be further consideration to charges being laid in relation to those people.”