Trans survivalist, known for smashing watermelons with the face of Boris Johnson, found hoarding weapons and explosive chemicals

trans survivalist

A trans survivalist and emergency planner from Lincoln, known for smashing watermelons with the faces of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump, has been found hoarding weapons and explosive chemicals.

Zoe Ashley Watts, 34, was formerly a member of the Bracebridge Lowfields Community Police Team working in the south of Lincoln before moving to a different role, and has in total worked for the Lincolnshire police force for nine years. She also served as an equalities officer for the police trade union UNISON.

Police confirmed on Wednesday (7 October) that she was arrested on one charge of importing prohibited weapons with intent to evade a prohibition or restriction, and one count of making an explosive substance for an unlawful purpose, according to The Lincolnite.

Watts has a YouTube channel titled “Survival Mistakes”, where she makes videos on topics including “bushcraft, survivalism, emergency prepping and emergency planning”.

The trans survivalist has made videos on how to make fire starters out of tampons, an axe out of an ice skate, and a stove out of an Ikea cutlery holder.

In one video, she uses a weapon she calls the “Lacerating Glass Bigot Twatter (LGBT)” to smash watermelons with the faces of Boris Johnson, Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump stuck on them.

She later re-uploaded the video minus the watermelon-smashing after a “complaint”.

In one video, the trans survivalist from Lincoln smashed a watermelon with the face of Donald Trump. (Survival Mistakes/ YouTube)

Police are continuing to search her home on St Helen’s Avenue in Lincoln, after officers were called there as part of a criminal investigation on 4 October. Residents were moved out of neighbouring homes until a bomb disposal squad carried out safety checks.

Authorities reportedly found what appeared to be a shotgun in a car nearby.

Watts appeared at Lincoln Magistrates Court Wednesday and will remain in police custody until a further hearing on Friday (9 October).