John Krasinski and Pete Davidson share passionate kiss on SNL and fans are very divided

John Krasinski and Pete Davidson share a kiss on the set of Saturday Night Live

John Krasinski shared a kiss with Saturday Night Live (SNL) cast member Pete Davidson as the actor said he was haunted by his role as Jim from The Office.

Krasinski hosted the first episode of SNL in 2021 on 30 January. During his opening monologue, “audience members”, who were SNL cast members, interrupted his speeches to ask questions related to Krasinski’s role in the US version of The Office.

SNL cast member Alex Moffat asked Krasinski if he is “Jim from The Office“. Krasinski replied with “actually, I’m John”. But Moffat asked him to “do The Office“.

The heckling continued until finally, one cast member said they needed to see Krasinski “kiss Pam”, referring to Jim’s love interest in the TV series played by Jenna Fischer. Pete Davidson then joined Krasinski on the stage. He said that everyone’s “been stuck inside for the last year, watching The Office nonstop” so they can’t help but see Krasinski as his character from the show.

Davidson is then confused for Pam by the “audience members”. He said: “I think they really need someone to be Pam. I think we’ve got to give them what they want, Jim. You have to kiss Pam.”

So Krasinski obliged and kissed Pete/”Pam”, and the internet went wild.

Many people were into it, hoping that this was the energy they could carry throughout 2021

However, others pointed out that using straight men to kiss for comedy wasn’t actually funny. Kevin Fallon, senior entertainment reporter for The Daily Beast, called out the kiss’s alleged hilarity on Twitter. He even said a later sketch was “one of the best queer-love sketches they’ve ever done”.

Others on the internet agreed with Kevin Fallon’s take that seeing two straight men share a kiss simply isn’t funny.