Reneé Rapp ‘hard launches’ as a lesbian on SNL

Renee Rapp smililng in front of a pink Mean Girls background.

Mean Girls star Reneé Rapp has seemingly ‘hard launched’ as a lesbian while appearing as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live

Previously, the 24-year-old actor and singer has identified herself as bisexual

In the ‘Entertainment Tonight Lip-Readers’ sketch broadcast on Saturday (20 January) alongside Bowen Yang and Saltburn’s Jacob Elordi, Rapp was introduced as “little lesbian intern, Reneé.”

Rapp then joked that because she’s been “going absolutely off” in recent media interviews, she’s got to do 40 hours of media training.

Giving her introduction as a lesbian more weight was the fact Rapp appeared to be playing herself, with the joke about her press interviews being based on her “lack of media training”.

After the SNL comedy sketch was broadcast, fans shared their pride for Rapp online for identifying with the label lesbian.

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“reneé rapp hard launched bing a lesbian on snl last night allegedly?” wrote one excitable fans.

“renee rapp coming out as bisexual and then realizing she doesn’t like men and loudly calling herself a lesbian in the public eye is very important to me,” another tweeted.

Other fans have praised Rapp’s decision to be labelled a lesbian on the primetime broadcast as the word still carries feelings of shame for some.

“Yes people shouldn’t be so concerned with celebrities sexualities but also we’re allowed to be excited abt renee rapp coming out as a lesbian,” one fan noted.

“Do u know how rare it is for a celebrity to actually use the word lesbian when describing their sexuality.”

Reiterating the point, another fan tweeted: “renee rapp coming out as a lesbian on snl means a lot because everyone is so fucking afraid of saying the word”

Rapp has been adamant in recent press interviews that her Mean Girls character Regina George is a gay woman. 

Rapp also played lesbian icon and fan favourite Leighton Murray in HBO Max’s Sex Lives of College Girls. However, she will not be returning as a season regular to the show.

Of course, bisexual erasure remains an issue, and it’s important to note that Rapp didn’t use the word ‘lesbian’ herself. But her SNL marked another important moment for the fast-rising LGBTQ+ star, and while it ultimately doesn’t matter if she is bisexual or lesbian, her unapologetic brazenness to express her queerness publicly is wonderful.

Sexual identity can be fluid and flexible, someone’s journey to label themselves can also be a process. 
We should grant everyone the time and space to label themselves, and change that label, how they wish.

Who is Reneé Rapp dating?

In a discussion with The Cut, Reneé Rapp shared that she has a type: “I’m in a very brunette era. Anybody with, like, brown curly hair is like kryptonite to me.”

She also confirmed to the outlet that she’s in a queer relationship with a curly-haired brunette.

Though Rapp has not officially confirmed the individual by name, it’s rumoured to be internet personality Alissa Carrington.

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