Bowen Yang roasts George Santos’ OnlyFans spending revelation on SNL

Bowen Yang as George Santos

Comedian Bowen Yang has roasted congressman George Santos in an SNL skit after the gay Republican was found by an ethics committee to have spent campaign money on botox treatments and OnlyFans

After being accused of defrauding campaign donors out of thousands in October, Santos was found by the House ethics committee on Thursday (16 November) to have spent campaign money on trips to Las Vegas, luxury designer clothing, OnlyFans payments, and botox treatments.

Santos has denied the allegations, but this didn’t stop SNL (Saturday Night Live) from mocking the accusations on its live show on Saturday (18 November). 

Bowen Yang, famous for gay comedy Fire Island and previously mocking Ron DeSantis on SNL, appeared on the show dressed as Santos, claiming as the Republican: “Oh please, isn’t Congress kind of like OnlyFans anyway, people paying you to do nasty things on a sad, bad livestream? Ugh.”

Continuing to mock Santos’ alleged spending habits, reported lying on his CV, and fashion sense, Yang continued: “I didn’t get botox, I got BOTOX, which stands for ‘big old thing of botox’!”

“Everyone jokes about me, but you all know the truth, you’re gunna miss me when I’m gone… you’re gunna miss me by my sass, you’re gunna miss me by my ass,” the skit went on, referencing Santos’ statement saying he would not be standing for re-election next year. 

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Has George Santos resigned?

George Santos did not resign after the House ethics committee found that the New York congressman “blatantly stole from his campaign” and exploited “every aspect of his House candidacy for his own personal financial profit”. 

The committee explained: “He used his connections to high value donors and other political campaigns to obtain additional funds for himself through fraudulent or otherwise questionable business dealings.

“He sustained all of this through a constant series of lies to his constituents, donors, and staff about his background and experience.”

The cross-party panel added that Santos’ conduct “has brought severe discredit upon the House”. 

The Republican has denied the allegations, calling the report a “politicised smear” but added that he will not be seeking re-election in 2024.