Reneé Rapp and a Jacob Elordi makeout sesh: SNL was for the girls, the gays and the bisexuals

Jacob Elordi, Reneé Rapp on SNL

Saturday Night Live (SNL) featuring Jacob Elordi and Reneé Rapp really was for the girls, gays and bisexuals and fans were left thirsting hard.

Saltburn and Euphoria heartthrob Elordi made his debut as the long-running show’s host and during his opening monologue he addressed his viral fame after the release of the movie, saying the audience probably recognise him “not from seeing the film, just from seeing the TikToks.”

“Like this scene,” Elordi said, before a pixelated image of the scene where Barry Keogan’s character tearfully humps Elordi’s character’s grave flashes up on the screen.

“I was the one in the grave,” he says.

“But if you saw the movie, thank you,” Elordi quipped. “If you saw the movie with your parents, I’m sorry. And if you saw the movie with your girlfriend, you’re welcome.”

Reneé Rapp appeared as the musical guest and performed “Snow Angel” from her debut album and Mean Girls song “Not My Fault” with Megan Thee Stallion – with original Regina George actor Rachel McAdams also making a cameo appearance.

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The episode’s sketches saw Rapp appear as herself (described by Elordi as “little lesbian intern Reneé”) who jokingly comments “I’ve been going absolutely off on every single interview lately, so now I have to do 40 hours of court ordered media training” – a nod to her viral comments about a bus operator called Buddy.

Whilst Elordi stars as a potential suitor in a mock dating show entitled ‘Short King Mansion’, where Chloe Fineman must pick from a date from a line-up of diminutive men. She picks Elordi, who sweeps her into a passionate makeout session with little effort.

Gays and girlies alike were, of course, left hot and bothered by Elordi and Rapp.

“Jacob Elordi (6’5) literally carrying Chloe Fineman while they make out in an SNL sketch … it hurts to see others live out your dreams,” one person wrote.

“Jacob Elordi I am not necessarily attracted to you but I feel as though you are a gentle giant who would lift me up with ease so I could pick a peach growing from a tall tree that I otherwise would not be able to reach,” another fan oh-so eloquently posted.

“Jacob Elordi could destroy my body and my life and all I’d say is ‘so does tomorrow work for you too?'” another thirsty fan shared.

“Sometimes babygirl is a 6’5 Australian man named Jacob Elordi.”

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