Rupert Everett says he ‘could have been killed’ by notorious serial killer Dennis Nilsen

Rupert Everett Dennis Nilsen

Rupert Everett has said he “could have been killed” by serial killer Dennis Nilsen as they frequented the same bar.

Everett told Piers Morgan that he used to frequent the same pub where Nilsen, a necrophile and one of the UK’s most prolific serial killers, would pick up victims.

Speaking on Morgan’s Life Stories, Everett said: “He was in the pub that I used to go to… Yeah, so I could be dead. He used to go the Coleherne, which was this leather bar.”

He added: “No I didn’t know him but he was there. I mean, that’s where he got two or three of his victims from.”

Dennis Nilsen murders made Rupert Everett realise how ‘dangerous’ life is

Nilsen, who died in 2018, was  jailed for life in 1983 after a six-year spree which saw him murder at least 12 men and boys and attempt to kill seven others.

Rupert Everett went on to reveal that Nilsen’s grisly killing spree completely put him off the idea of ever having children as he realised “how dangerous” the world can be.

“I knew just recently how dangerous you know my life was,” he said.

“Which is one of the reasons I would hate to have children. Because there – there must, the terror if you’ve led a dangerous life yourself, imagining how dangerous your kid’s life could be.”

Everett went on to tell Morgan that he never met any of Nilsen’s victims personally.

However, Morgan pointed out that he could have met some of them and not known it.

“Oh I don’t know, maybe yes, I don’t know,” Everett said.

He continued: “Oh I think everybody [knew], well straight after he – he’d been, the trial and everything like that, everyone knew that he’d been in that bar.”

Dennis Nilsen’s brutal murders shocked the queer community in the 1980s when they finally came to light after human remains were found to be clogging the drains outside his home.

It was later discovered that he had boiled, burned and sometimes flushed the dismembered bodies of his victims.

Nilsen was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983 for his crimes with an order that he serve at least 25 years. This was later amended to prevent him from ever being released.

He died in 2018, and was later portrayed by David Tennant in the 2020 ITV drama Des.