Actual queer icons Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon have a spicy, spicy stand-off in epic advert

Dan Levy Kate McKinnon Tostitos Commercial

Dan Levy and Kate McKinnon face off in a spicy and hilarious new advert

To help spread the word about their new spicy habanero flavour, Tostitos tortilla chips enlisted Schitt’s Creek actor Dan Levy and SNL cast member Kate McKinnon.

In the commercial, McKinnon and Levy both try the tortilla chip and agree that it is, indeed, quite spicy. At one point, Levy says “For me, the spice is pelvicular” while gyrating his hips.

“I know what you mean, but for me, I think it’s drama,” McKinnon replies. “It’s ‘VICTOR, I’m leaving’ that sort of level of spicy.”

Levy then says the spice is “more of a visual thing” before pulling out his mobile phone and showing McKinnon something on the screen. The supposed image is so utterly salacious that she agrees it’s “spicy”.

The battle eventually ends when Levy says the spiciness level is “deeper” tries to do the splits, getting quite far before he is stuck. McKinnon admits that Levy wins the showdown and leaves Levy to his fate.

The pair recently worked together during Dan Levy’s stint as the host of SNL on 6 February.

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Kate McKinnon said she has been “in love with Dan for many years from afar”. She added that working with him was “like a dream come true” and “so far exceeded my expectations”.

“I mean, I know that he is both brilliant and brilliantly funny,” McKinnon said. “And also so obviously kind, just from the content of his work.”

Levy admitted that the pair knew they were going to do the Tostitos commercial before he “came to spend some time at SNL“. He explained: “So it actually made my time at SNL feel a little bit safer because I have been talking to Kate and very much enjoying the conversations that we had.”

Levy added that there is a “hundred per cent” chance that he will be working with McKinnon again. He told POPSUGAR that he had “started pitching her things as we were on the shoot”.