MI6 flies trans Pride flag and says trans and non-binary spies make secret service stronger

The trans Pride flag flying at the Vauxhall Cross MI6 headquarters

MI6 flew the trans Pride flag for the first time on Transgender Day of Visibility, insisting that trans and non-binary spies make the secret service stronger.

While the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) headquarters has flown the rainbow LGBT+ Pride flag each year since 2015, this is the first time the trans Pride flag has flown over MI6.

MI6 chief Richard Moore, known as “C”, wrote on Twitter: “Delighted to fly the Trans Flag at VX [the Vauxhall Cross MI6 headquarters] on Trans Day of Visibility.

“We’re proud of our trans and non-binary colleagues and committed to providing an inclusive and supportive workplace where you can be your true self.

“Diversity makes us more effective; inclusion makes us stronger.”

The gesture was praised online, with one Twitter user writing: “A massive well done for this very visible inclusive gesture. Your kindness has been noted by many.”

Another wrote: “Great! Now can you send James Bond to have a word with ‘Glinner‘?”

Despite earning a place in the top 100 employers in the Stonewall UK Workplace Equality Index 2020 every year since 2016, MI6 recently apologised for its historical discriminatory treatment of LGBT+ people.

After decades of waiting, queer spies finally received the apology they deserved in February for a ban on openly LGBT+ intelligence officers that branded them a “national security threat”.

The ban, only lifted in 1991, was based on the bizarre idea that being LGBT+ would make spies more susceptible to blackmail.

Moore, admitting that “secret does not mean unaccountable”, said in a statement:”Committed, talented, public-spirited people had their careers and lives blighted because it was argued that being LGBT+ was incompatible with being an intelligence professional.

“Because of this policy, other loyal and patriotic people had their dreams of serving their country in MI6 shattered. This was wrong, unjust and discriminatory.

“Today, I apologise on behalf of MI6 for the way our LGBT+ colleagues and fellow citizens were treated and express my regret to those whose lives were affected.”