Rugby pro Devin Ibañez shares emotional reunion with boyfriend after COVID forced them apart

Gay professional rugby player Devin Ibañez British boyfriend Fergus Wade hugging TikTok

Gay rugby pro Devin Ibañez shared a heartwarming video of him reuniting with his boyfriend after being separated for almost a year due to COVID.

Ibañez came out as gay on 29 December, 2020 in a heartfelt, candid Instagram post, saying he wanted to “start 2021 by celebrating the love of my life and partner Fergus”.

But with Ibañez in the US and his boyfriend Fergus Wade in Britain, the pair haven’t actually seen each other since July. Until now, that is.

Posting his first-ever video on TikTok Saturday (17 April), Ibañez shared that he “took the plunge and booked flights” after “many cancelled trips”.


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After being vaccinated and tested, Ibañez – who believes he is the first Major League Rugby star to come out as gay while actively playing – flew from Boston, Massachusetts to London, England.

And in what can only be described as the heartwarming content you need, the couple captured footage of the moment they were reunited. Viewers can see Wade running over to Ibañez after he landed in the UK and the pair embracing.

The TikTok video cuts to Wade and Ibañez hugging and obviously enamoured to see each other in person for the first time in months. It ends with the promise that fans will see “more of our story” on the social media platform. So be prepared for more content that hits right in the feels.

In a previous interview with PinkNews, Devin Ibañez credited his relationship with Wade with inspiring his coming out.

“I actually have been planning on coming out for a few years now,” Ibañez said.

“Ever since I met Fergus, it became a goal of mine to be more open so that we wouldn’t feel like we had to hide our relationship.

“For many years I was comfortable with the idea of keeping my sexuality private and separate from rugby, but it became much different when I was now influencing how open Fergus could be.”

He said his life has been a “whirlwind of media and trying to be as visible as possible”. He added that, since coming out, the couple felt as though “we can celebrate our love publicly and not have to hide our relationship”.

Ibañez said: “It is a relief that we can now look ahead at our future together.”