Nintendo is using fossil Pokémon to teach kids about dinosaurs, and it’s a pretty great idea actually

Fossil Pokemon museum japan pikachu explorer

If anyone can teach us about dinosaurs and Fossil Pokémon, it’s everyone’s favourite Pokémon: Pikachu.

So it’s good news that they’ve decided to don their paleontology hat and give us all a lesson.

A travelling exhibit starts this summer between Nintendo and the Japanese National Science Museum. It begins in the Mikasa City Museum in Hokkaido from 4 July, with other museums to follow into summer 2022.

It’s called Pokémon Kaseki Hakubutsukan (ポケモン化石博物館) or “Pokémon Fossil Museum” and is themed around Fossil Pokémon and the dinosaurs that their designs are based on.

Visitors will be able to compare Pokémon and dinosaur fossils, discover their similarities and differences, and learn more about how fun paleontology can be. 

It’s all guided by Dr. Kaseki, with assistance from the ever adorable Excavation Pikachu, who we quite frankly require a plushy of as a matter of urgency.

Better yet, perhaps we can meet them in person? COVID-19 restrictions permitting, of course.

Full-scale imaginary models of the Fossil Pokémon will also be present for true-to-life comparisons of your favourites.

The beautiful promotional imagery includes the likes of Aerodactyl, Tyranitar, Kabuto and Omanyte, so expect to see these present at the exhibit.

The model Fossil Pokémon will likely be similar to the Bastiodon and Tyrantrum at the Worlds event in 2019, according to creator Joe Merrick.

The exhibit comes alongside the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise this year. The celebration also includes special events, music concerts and merch products. It began with a concert by rapper Post Malone on Pokémon day, 27 February.

We didn’t think that museums could get any cuter than Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ virtual dinosaur selection led by Blathers. But a real life museum with Pokémon and actual Pikachu? Count us in.

More information on the Fossil Pokémon exhibit will follow on the official website. For more gaming news follow Gaymeo on Facebook.