Drag Race Down Under star cut ‘awful’ Princess Diana joke from Snatch Game

Drag Race Down Under Princess Diana Anita Wigl'it

Drag Race Down Under star Anita Wigl’it has said she backed away from a joke about Princess Diana during Snatch Game because it was “awful” and “too much”.

The drag performer made an impression on Drag Race fans across the world with her impersonation of Queen Elizabeth II on Australia and New Zealand’s version of the show.

Wigl’it wasn’t afraid to go for the jugular with her controversial Royal Family themed jibes. Dressed as Queen Elizabeth II, she joked about Prince Andrew “texting 16-year-olds” and said her advice to Meghan Markle was “don’t piss me off and wear a seatbelt,” referencing the car crash that killed Princess Diana in 1997.

But one joke was too far for the drag queen, she confessed in an interview with Metro.

“There was one joke that was even more outrageous which I didn’t use because it was too much,” Wigl’it admitted, saying she didn’t come up with the comment herself.

“It was awful, I couldn’t bring myself to use that one because I love Princess Diana.

The joke was: “Once there was a drag performer in New Zealand and their name was Diana Carcrash.”

Anita Wigl’it’s joke about knighting RuPaul didn’t make the cut

Elsewhere in the interview, Wigl’it said a joke about knighting RuPaul himself ended up on the cutting room floor.

“There was one I was talking about knighting people and I told RuPaul that I’ll give him a knighthood if he gives me his manhood,” Wigl’it told Metro.

“Something about a sword either side of his face or something…”

While Wigl’it wasn’t afraid to make jokes at the expense of the Royal Family, the drag queen said she “genuinely loves” the British monarchy, “especially the Queen” because she’s “so sweet”.

Wigl’it’s Royal Family jokes made waves when the Snatch Game episode of Drag Race Down Under aired in Australia and New Zealand, but it proved even more controversial when it landed on the BBC iPlayer.

The British broadcaster later admitted that it edited out a number of Wigl’it’s Queen Elizabeth II jokes, including one in which she said: “I wish a dingo would have taken my baby, then I wouldn’t have anything to do with Prince Andrew anymore.”

The BBC also opted to censor a joke about the late Prince Philip from its broadcast.