The best Snatch Games of all time, as chosen by Drag Race queens

Left-right: Baga Chipz as Kathy Bates in Misery, Jinkx Monsoon as Judy Garland and Jujubee as Eartha Kitt in RuPaul's Drag Race UK Snatch Game performances

There’s one golden rule when it comes to playing the Snatch Game on Drag Race, and that’s to make RuPaul laugh.

Many queens have done just that, but only a few have had Mama Ru doubled over in hysterics, howling uncontrollably. Think Jinkx Monsoon, Baga Chipz and Kennedy Davenport.

While the Snatch Game is always entertaining to watch, it’s more than a little tricky for contestants to make a success of it.

At RuPaul’s DragCon UK, PinkNews spoke to some of those who’ve taken on the legendary challenge – including a few who won it – to find out what they think is the best Snatch Game performance of all time.

Jinx Monsoon’s Little Edie – chosen by Jimbo

You can’t be much more of a Snatch Game expert than Jimbo, who is one of just six queens to win the challenge twice, first as Joan Rivers on Canada’s Drag Race, then as Shirley Temple on All Stars 8.

The others are Baga Chipz, Ginger Minj, Trinity The Tuck, BenDeLaCreme and Jinkx Monsoon.

“My favourite ever Snatch Game performance is [socialite] Little Edie, by Jinkx,” Jimbo says. “I loved her use of the magnifying prop, and the way she embodied that character was so funny and it’s such an obscure reference.”

Jinx Monsoon’s Judy Garland – chosen by Venus, DeDeLicious, Aurora Matrix, Vanessa van Cartier and Gisèle Lullaby

Jimbo isn’t the only Canada’s Drag Race star inspired by Jinkx Monsoon. Recent winner Venus thinks her version of Judy Garland is the best-ever Snatch Game.

“Oh my gosh, Jinkx Monsoon, All Stars 7 – I’ve rewatched that so many times,” she exclaims. “That is a masterclass in how to take control of a situation. If you have RuPaul in the palm of your hands, never let go.”

For lip-sync superstar DeDeLicious, it’s also Jinkx Monsoon’s Judy Garland that will never been forgotten.

“Jinkx on All Stars 7 blew me out of the water,” she says. “It’s when a queen directs themselves to a camera.”

Canada’s Drag Race star Aurora Matrix agrees, telling PinkNews: “Her Judy Garland made me p**s my pants. That was a masterclass on how to play a character and how to play off other people.”

Vanessa van Cartier adds: “Jinkx [as Judy Garland], that was probably the best one ever. We all know [Jinkx] is born as a performer and that was very inspiring.

Gisèle Lullaby (rightly) declares that Jinkx “changed the game of Snatch Game”.

“When she did Little Edie the first season, she was there, it was ground-breaking. She was so good. But when she came back and did Judy Garland? I mean, [that was] art.

Alexis Michelle’s Liza Minnelli – chosen by Jan

Jan knows to give credit to her drag mother when credit is due. “I have to go with my mother Alexis Michelle doing Liza Minnelli on season nine,” she says.

“I love that there are so many Drag Race franchises, but I feel like, back in the day, it used to be a real treat to see somebody [who had never been done before]. Now we’ve got everybody.”

Drag Race Down Under finalist Hannah Conda managed to win Snatch Game as Liza Minnelli in 2022, but Alexis Michelle was the first to do it.

“The fact that she got to do Liza and win as Liza… amazing,” Jan adds.

Rosé’s Mary, Queen of Scots – chosen by Angeria Paris VanMicheals

Angeria Paris VanMicheals was part of one of the most historic Snatch Games in Drag Race herstory, for all the wrong reasons.

In season 14, all the contestants except Deja Skye were told they were up for elimination after a less-than-impressive go at the challenge.

So, Angeria might not be a Snatch star herself, but she knows a good one when she sees it, and season 13 finalist Rosé is her winner.

“My favourite is when she did Mary, Queen of Scots. It’s funny, because she’s somewhere right now running around looking like Mary Queen of Scots at DragCon,” she laughs.

“I hadn’t even got on Drag Race yet and I was sitting at home laughing my butt off at her. I loved it.”

Jujubee’s Eartha Kitt, Alaska’s Mae West and Kenney Davenport’s Little Richard – chosen by Veronica Green

For some queens, Snatch Game has provided so many jaw-dropping performances that it’s impossible to pick just one favourite. In fact, Drag Race UK’s two-time star Veronica Green can name four.

“The best ever Snatch Games, the ones which made me laugh the most are: Jujubee’s Eartha Kitt. I love Alaska’s Mae West, Jinkx Monsoon’s Judy Garland and Kennedy Davenport’s Little Richard,” Veronica says.

“They are top tier, belly laughing, can’t fault them at all. The way they went about doing the Snatch Game concept was perfect.”

BenDeLaCreme’s Maggie Smith – chosen by Banksie and Marina Summers

For the giant of Drag Race UK, Banksie, it’s Jinkx’s sister BenDeLaCreme who is the crème de la crème of Snatch Game.

“I think it has to be BenDeLaCreme as Maggie Smith,” she tells PinkNews. “The first time I watched it, I remember laughing my ar*e off. Also Ginger Minj’s Adele.”

Banksie didn’t make it to the Snatch Game on her season, which is a shame, given her brilliant plan if she had done.

Another queen in team BenDeLaCreme is Marina Summers, star of Drag Race UK vs The World season two.

“Dame Maggie Smith, by BenDeLaCreme,” she says firmly.

Jimbo’s Joan Rivers – chosen by Envy Peru

Clearly, Drag Race Holland winner Envy Peru loves a two-timer: her top two Snatch Game performances are Jinkx Monsoon and Jimbo – both of whom won the challenge twice.

“Jimbo. I love the Joan Rivers one. I have a very special memory of when she did that, because I was filming Drag Race when she was on as Joan [on Canada’s Drag Race] and the day that episode aired, we were filming, and the day after we had our Snatch Game,” she reveals.

“We saw the Snatch Game of Jimbo and we were all like: ‘Oh s**t, it’s our turn’. We were all sh**ing our pants because she was so amazing. That’s one of my favourites.”

Gigi Goode’s Maria the Robot – chosen by Miss Naomi Carter

Miss Naomi Carter never got to take on the Snatch Game challenge because she was eliminated before it happened on her season, but she still knows how to play the game: with confidence.

“One of my favourite Snatch Game [performances] – just for the attitude she gave RuPaul – was Gigi Goode [on season 12] when she did Maria the Robot,” Naomi says.

Ahead of the challenge, RuPaul warned that doing a robot might backfire, but Gigi stood her ground.

“RuPaul’s like: ‘You should be concerned’, and she’s like, ‘I understand but I don’t share the concern’. Then she went on to win the challenge.

“That’s how you do it, girl!”

Adore Delano’s Anna Nicole Smith – chosen by Brooke Lynn Hytes

Drag Race season six was evidently one of the best of all time, mainly thanks to BenDeLaCreme. But it also had Bianca Del Rio as Judge Judy, and who could forget Adore Delano? Not Brooke Lynn Hytes.

“Adore Delano as [actress] Anna Nicole Smith is up there, it was iconic and I loved it,” she says.

Ginger Minj’s Adele – chosen by Jasmine Kennedie

Like Banksie, Jasmine Kennedie is a huge fan of three-time Drag Race star, Ginger Minj. Well, she’s mainly an Adele stan, tbh. 

“I’m a sucker for Adele,” she says, declaring Ginger’s take on the British singer as her favourite Snatch Game performance.

“It’s Adele but campy, also poking jabs and it’s so much fun.”

Wait, scratch that. On reflection, she thinks her performance on season 14, where almost every contestant landed in the bottom, was the best. 

“No one from our season, I’ll tell you that. Actually, my [politician] Betsy DeVos was amazing. I think Betsy was the one,” she jokes. “Betsy won, RuPaul!”

Tia Kofi’s Mel B – chosen by Le Fil

Sometimes those who land in the bottom during Snatch Game are actually a favourite. At least, that’s what Le Fil, who did end up sashaying away for her Snatch Game as [author and TV presenter] Marie Kondo, thinks.

“It was Tia Kofi doing Mel B,” she says of her favourite Snatch. Tia went home for her Scary Spice impersonation.

“It’s still good TV. I actually love s**t impressions – I don’t mean to say it’s s**t, but there are so many impression artists on TV and comedy is so subjective,” she adds.

“It made me laugh, even at how bad it was. In the moment I was like, Tia doing Mel B, who is one of my favourite northern people, being from up near Leeds and Huddersfield, it was just silly.”

Baga Chipz’ Margaret Thatcher and The Vivienne’s Donald Trump – chosen by Pixie Polite

“Baga Chipz and The Vivienne. Both incredible on both their seasons”, Pixie Polite tells us. “Donald Trump and Margaret Thatcher on season one? It was TV heaven.”

However, Pixie also has a soft spot for a performance that didn’t go down well with RuPaul.

“Really random, but I loved A’Whora when she did Louie Spence. It was hilarious.

“Ru didn’t seem to get it but I think it’s because it’s British,” Pixie says.

Baga Chipz as Kathy Bates in Misery – chosen by Tayce

Tayce also gives a bit of love to queen of the battered sausage, declaring Baga Chipz’s, Snatch Game on UK vs The World the best of all time.

“Baga Chipz as what’s-her-face [Kathy Bates playing Annie Wilkes] from Misery. My favourite. I love that film.”

Jimbo’s Shirley Temple – chosen by Alexis Saint-Pete

Alexis Saint-Pete has a bit more love for The Vivienne’s Donald Trump. However, she also wants to come out as a big Jimbo stan.

“Probably Jimbo’s latest [Snatch Game as Shirley Temple], so funny. I’m Jimbo’s number-one fan,” she gushes.

“I would also say The Vivienne’s Donald Trump. That was really good, really talented.”