Marvel writers made gay Captain America homeless for an important reason

Aaron Fischer Captain America

Marvel creators have revealed that they intentionally made Aaron Fischer, the openly gay Captain America, face “real problems impacting queer people” – including homelessness.

The new patriotic hero, who was dubbed the Captain America of the Railways, was announced in March and joined Marvel‘s ever expanding pantheon of LGBT+ characters. In a new interview with Out, the character’s creators, Josh Trujillo and Jan Bazaldua, revealed that a lot of thought went into the development of Fischer. Trujillo, who is the series writer, explained they wanted Fischer to face “real problems impacting queer people” in real life like experiencing unstable living conditions.

“The housing crisis is something I’m confronted with every day in Los Angeles, and queer youth are among the most vulnerable,” Trujillo said. “Only by drawing more attention to this can we hope to make a difference and help the unhoused in our communities.”

He also shared that Fischer was “inspired by the people in my life” like his siblings who “work for non-profits and in medicine” or “friends who are foster parents or teachers”. Trujillo explained his character if “very much following” the example of these people “who take action every day to help each other”.

Bazaldua, who is the artist on the Fischer issue, told Out that even the teen hero’s appearance was developed with a specific meaning in mind. The trans artist shared that they gave Fischer a “simple appearance” rocking overalls “since he is a street boy who lives in LA” and would have to craft his Captain America costume “with what he had on hand”.

Bazaldua continued: “And we just tried to give him a kind look, someone who did not have resources or large amounts of money but has a huge heart and a great desire to help people like him.”

Fischer will not be replacing the iconic Captain America, Steve Rogers, in The United States of Captain America. Instead, the openly gay hero will join up with Rogers and Sam Wilson to find the hero’s iconic vibranium-metal alloy shield. Rogers will also work with a host of other Captain Americas from the past including Bucky Barnes and John Walker throughout the comic book series.

The United States of Captain America will be published on 30 June 2021, finishing up Pride Month with a bang.