Donald Trump fanatic destroys rainbow crossing to mark his hero’s birthday

Donald Trump Pride crosswalk

A Donald Trump supporter has been arrested after he destroyed a Pride-themed rainbow crossing by doing “burnouts” in his truck.

Alexander Jerich, 20, has been charged with criminal mischief and reckless driving after he wrecked a rainbow crossing while taking part in a rally for Donald Trump’s birthday in Fort Lauderdale, according to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Police said there was evidence of prejudice in the case, which means his charges have been enhanced to a felony offence.

Jerich reportedly defaced the crossing with skid marks on Monday (14 June), just two days after the celebratory, colourful artwork was unveiled.

Video footage shared on social media shows a driver deliberately screeching his tyres across the crossing, leaving skid marks behind him. A blue “All Aboard the Trump Train” flag can be seen flying from the truck.

LGBT+ activists are ‘very happy’ Donald Trump supporter Alexander Jerich turned himself in

Jerich later turned himself into police after footage of the incident was widely shared on social media. He admitted that those who attended the rally planned their route in advance.

Claudia Harrison, a spokesperson for LGBT+ community centre Compass, said she was “very happy” an arrest was made.

“I was glad to hear Delray Beach Police was taking this seriously and that an arrest was made this quickly,” she said.

Local police said in a statement that Jerich was “seen by witnesses doing what appeared to be an intentional ‘burnout’ with his vehicle over the LGBTQ Pride crosswalk”.

“This caused the vehicle to create significant damage to the streetscape painting. Another witness provided smartphone video of the crime.”

If Jerich is convicted, he could face penalties under Florida’s recently passed Combating Public Disorder Law, which makes it a third degree felony when a person “wilfully and maliciously defaces, injures, or otherwise damages by any means a memorial or historic property”.

The law was introduced by Florida Republicans in response to Black Lives Matter protests last year.