Bioware update Mass Effect to remove trans woman’s deadname – even though she no longer works there

Mass Effect

An ex-BioWare employee, who transitioned after the release of Mass Effect 2, has had her name updated in the credits of Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

Prior to the release of the remastered trilogy, Twitter user Camden Maclaren shared the news.

“My Cousin worked on Mass Effect 2 years before she transitioned,” she said.

“She, of course, was listed in the credits under her dead name.

“She doesn’t work there anymore but Bioware just released the Mass Effect Trilogy Legendary Edition and THEY UPDATED HER NAME IN THE CREDITS!”

A BioWare Spokesperson has since responded to Pink News on the update.

“Inclusion and diversity are two of our core values at BioWare; it is important to us that we continue working on ways to make our games and culture more equal for all,” reads the statement.

“Showing support to our staff and the LGBTQI+ community is an essential part of this and is why we respected the requests from individuals to update their names in the Legendary Edition credits.”

Mass Effect 2 was originally released in 2010 for the Xbox 360.

BioWare made numerous gameplay tweaks and improvements to the original trilogy in the Mass Effect Legendary Edition to ensure the game lives up to modern standards, but honouring the name change of this trans employee is fantastic support.

That said, there remain questions on whether more LGBT+ representation could have been included within the remaster.

Romance is a huge part of the game between the player’s customised Commander Shepard and their crewmates, however full same-sex romances were only introduced in the third game of the trilogy.

Fans have since petitioned for BioWare to update the games for the Legendary Edition, considering voice actors recorded many usable lines.

Instead, it’s fallen on modders to make the Mass Effect games truly LGBT+ friendly by reinstating relationships considered missing in the game.

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