God of War director calls PlayStation ‘uptight motherf*****s’ after lesbian joke account suspension

David Jaffe

David Jaffe, the director of the original God of War, has had his PlayStation account temporarily suspended over a lesbian joke.

The game designer uploaded a clip of Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to YouTube titled “Rivet A Lesbian? I’m calling it now…”.

In the video, robot pirates ask Rivet “You best not be after me booty?” to which she replies “Not a chance”. Jaffe’s video title insinuates this makes Rivet a lesbian.

This video made its way to the Explore tab on PSN that highlights trending videos.

Jaffe received an email from Sony explaining his account was temporarily suspended under their code of conduct for “hate speech”. 

While the email doesn’t specify the content, Jaffe believes this particular video is the cause.

He took to his YouTube channel once more to follow up on the video.

“Here she is saying ‘I don’t want your butt,’” Jaffe said. “And he’s clearly a guy and she’s clearly a female, so I’m like ‘Oh, she’s a lesbian hahaha.’ Not lesbians are bad. Not LGBT+ is bad. 

“Anybody that knows me knows that I’m a passionate, fervent supporter. I can’t call myself an ally, I’ve been trained and taught that they have to decide if I’m an ally but I, I’m there on the frontlines as long as they’ll have me. Anybody who knows me knows that, that I don’t traffic in hate speech and never have and never would and never will.”

In addition, he highlights a video of the same game that he posted to Twitter.

The video has robot character Kit commenting on how “white” a facility is, to which Jaffe added the comment “Is Ratchet a fantastic game? No doubt. Very surprised however by how overtly racist it is. Amazing that they went there.”

While this video wouldn’t have made it to the Explore tab, Jaffe believes it may have had an impact. However, he brushes it off in his response video as an “absurdist joke”.

He then goes on to criticise Sony’s moderators.

“Who the f**k are you people hiring Sony? You’ve got somebody who literally watches this that says this breaches our code of conduct because I make a joke that is clearly an absurdist joke about a little cute little robot that basically is like ‘I am inspecting your facility to make sure it’s not racist.’

“I mean, again, your company baby, do what you want with it. But my goodness gracious, y’all some uptight motherf*****s if you believe this breaches your code of conduct.”

David Jaffe was the director of the original God of War game on PS2, as well as the Twisted Metal driving series. 

His YouTube channel has 35.8k followers where he streams and debates often controversial game industry topics like crunch and Gamergate.

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