Spider-Man 2 confirms Black Cat is bisexual in PlayStation 5 universe

Black Cat is confirmed as bisexual in video games.

PlayStation 5’s Spider-Man 2 has ensure Peter Parker’s in-game world is just a little bit more queer, after confirming that the web-slinging superhero’s accomplice and occasional love interest Black Cat is bisexual.

The fan-favourite comic book character, also known as Felicia Hardy, has long been portrayed as bisexual, with a clear interest in all genders stretching as far back as the 1990s. The latest confirmation came in the 2021 comic story Black Cat #7 where she shared a passionate kiss with Thieves Guild leader Odessa Drake.

However, Black Cat’s sexuality has finally been addressed in PlayStation 5 exclusive video game adaptation Spider-Man 2, released last Friday (20 October).

Insomniac Games’ original 2018 Playstation title Spider-Man only featured Black Cat as part of a DLC expansion in the first game, but the sequel sees Black Cat graduate to a more central role in the game’s main plot.

The PS5 game follows Peter Parker and mentee Miles Morales as they attempt to thwart supervillains such as Venom across New York City, encountering various allies and enemies along the way.

According to a clip uploaded to YouTube from the game, we see Miles confront Black Cat about her motivation for her antagonistic actions.

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“Look kid, not that it’s your business,” she says. “My girlfriend’s in Paris and I got her into trouble with some bad people. Have you ever done something for love? She needs me now.”

While fans share their joy at the confirmation, they have also hit back at haters already claiming the video game is “woke washing” her character.

“You know people who are mad about [Black Cat] having a girlfriend and being bisexual in Spider-Man 2 never actually read the comics,” one fan wrote.

Spider-Man 2 also features a wholesome LGBTQ+ side quest where Mile Morales helps a nervous student ask his boyfriend to Homecoming.

Across both film and video games, the Spider-Man extended universe has been getting increasingly LGBTQ-inclusive. In June 2023, Sony released the heavily-anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse, which caused quite a storm for its

Keen eyed fans noticed Earth-65 Gwen Stacy appeared trans-coded in the film with her character design themed around the trans pride flag colours. The film also included a background shot of a trans pride fag with the words “protect trans kids”.

Meanwhile, in 2022 Marvel announced their upcoming comic Edge of Spider-Verse #5 would introduce a gay Spider-Man known as Web Weaver.