Beautiful, positive Trans Self-Care Workbook helps trans people celebrate their identity

The Trans Self-Care Workbook by Theo Lorenz

The Trans Self-Care Workbook is the much-loved book for those under the wide and wonderful trans umbrella.

It’s been created by non-binary author and illustrator Theo Lorenz to help trans people express and navigate their identity.

Talking about The Trans Self-Care Workbook on Twitter, Theo says it’s “the best book I’ve ever made.”

The book is 176 pages of journaling, activities and colouring which celebrates trans identity, beauty and relationships.

It features practical advice, journaling prompts and space for reflection to promote self-affirmation and wellbeing.

Theo has drawn on mindfulness techniques and covers topics including body positivity and neutrality, coming out, euphoria and dysphoria, building new friendships and navigating relationships with your friends and family.

One Twitter user wrote: “Got it for my birthday and it’s been so nice to work through it because it’s half journaling with prompts, half coloring! it’s been so helpful.”

And another added: “I adore the illustrations and positive reminders, and I’m looking forward to spending some time with it.”

Meanwhile the five-star rating on Amazon also sees praise given to the book and Theo.

One reader said: “This is perfect for anyone who’s figuring things out but it’s also really good for those of us who think we have done all that already.”

Another said they “cried when I opened it,” while someone else is doing parenting right as they wrote, “I got this for my transgender son, he loved it.”

The author and illustrator has also released books including Trans People Are Magic, Unicorns Are Jerks and Fat Ladies in Spaaaaace to name a few.

To get The Trans Self-Care Workbook head to Amazon.

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