Female gamers experience vile harassment online. This ‘game jam’ wants to change that

Code Coven support women online

UN Women UK and Code Coven are launching a game jam to promote the creation of safe spaces using gaming.

Safe Spaces Now is Code Coven’s first ever game jam and will run from 20-27 August. 

Participants in the game jam will be invited to create new solutions to prevent violence rooted in misogyny, including using gamification to promote empathy, understanding the issue, and equip people to better prevent violent behaviour.

Women, girls and people of marginalised genders experience harassment and discrimination worldwide, both online and offline. More than one in three women worldwide experience abuse, but over 95 per cent of women don’t report it, according to UN Women UK stats.

Sexism is particularly prevalent in gaming spaces, with female gamers receiving constant harassment on platforms like Twitch.

That’s why this game jam is so important in creating innovative solutions to mitigate harassment and violence.

Code Coven is the first global award-winning game development accelerator for underrepresented talent, while UN Women is the global champion for gender equality and the elimination of violence against women and girls.

“At Code Coven, we encourage honest conversations about hard-hitting topics in order to challenge toxicity in existing work cultures and systems and reflect on ways to turn the tide in our industry,” says Karla Reyes, Head of Business Development at Code Coven.

“Furthermore, we aim to create a safe environment in which marginalised people can learn and grow to not only emerge as game developers but also rise as leaders and entrepreneurs who embrace empathy and inclusivity.

“With over 2.5 billion gamers globally, games serve as an immense and unique platform for storytelling and catalysing behavioural change. Through the Safe Spaces Now jam, we hope to harness the power of games to explore profound themes in sensitive ways. We are humbled and excited to partner with UN Women who are leading advocacy efforts globally and aligned with Code Coven’s mission.”

To take part in the game jam, register via Eventbrite. No prior game development experience is required.

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