‘Hate-filled’ comedian Roy Chubby Brown blames ‘snowflakes’ for cancelled gig

Roy Chubby Brown performs on stage

Supposed “comedian” Roy Chubby Brown, known for his horrifically racist, homophobic and sexist “jokes”, has had his upcoming Sheffield show axed after local residents complained.

The 76-year-old stand-up comic, real name Royston Vasey, has been making money out of discrimination, racism, homophobia and sexism for half a century, commonly using racist slurs, mocking AIDS, making fun of disabled people and describing women as money-grabbing sex objects.

But Sheffield City Trust, the charity that runs Sheffield City Hall, has now cancelled Brown’s show at the venue, which was scheduled for August following complaints over the content of his so-called comedy.

Andrew Snelling, chief executive of Sheffield City Trust, told YorkshireLive: “As our entertainment venues reopen following lockdown restrictions, we have been reviewing our programme of events.

“We have decided to remove the rescheduled show by comedian Roy Chubby Brown at Sheffield City Hall on January 29 2022.

“We don’t believe this show reflects Sheffield City Trust values, particularly our ambition that our leisure, culture and entertainment venues are inclusive for all in Sheffield.”

Gill Furniss, MP for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough, wrote to Snelling and said: “This is the right thing to do. There is no place for any hate-filled performance in our diverse and welcoming city.”

The charity has been supported in its decision by Sheffield City Council.

Councillor Terry Fox, leader of the city council, told The Star: “We don’t feel that the nature of the show reflects our city’s values.”

Brown was previously banned from performing at Middlesbrough Town Hall in 2018.

Roy Chubby Brown insists ‘snowflakes’ cancelled his show, not his hateful bigotry

Responding to the news on his Facebook page, Roy Chubby Brown said: “At first I had a sense of anger and disbelief, but on reflection I now feel just disappointment and sadness with the decision and the way things are going generally.

“I have been performing at the City Hall annually for the last 30+ years… and my fans have always come along and supported me in their thousands through the years.

“Now in these strange times of snowflakes and political correctness it has been decided that I am no longer welcome.

“Why Now! is my question, WHY NOW is my show unsuitable after 30 years at the City Hall??”

A petition to have his show reinstated at Sheffield City Hall has been signed by 24,000 of his most ardent supporters, who declared that “PC snowflake nonsense is ruining comedy”, and that having to travel to another city to see an old white man use the N-word and laugh about AIDS was stripping them of their “freedom of choice”.