Pose icon Indya Moore explains why this year’s Met Gala was probably their last

Indya Moore explained their decision after Black Lives Matter protestors were arrested outside the event.

Pose star Indya Moore has thanked the Met Gala for inviting them to this year’s event – and explained why it will be their last.

In Indya Moore’s Instagram post on 14 September, they said they were “honoured” by the invitation to the Met Gala but need to “think long and hard about why I came and if it is truly in alignment with what I want to accomplish in this life”.

Their decision to explain why they won’t be returning to the Met Gala comes after Black Lives Matter protestors were arrested outside it.

“Being at the Met this year was cognitive dissonance,” they shared. “People were protesting and arrested in the name of what so many of us who attended, care deeply about. They were arrested most likely because they were perceived as a threat to those of us who were there.”

They continued: “We organise millions for a museum, on stolen land that Black and brown people suffer on unless white supremacy thinks they are exceptional – but not for the people?”


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Moore, who recently wrapped season three of Pose, added: “Can’t we be substantially generous in ways that alleviate suffering and poverty?

“I am surprised that I was invited and I am grateful for the gesture and I want us to be more sincerely thoughtful around how we take from people we do not care about, not so we can accept that truth, but so that we can grow the heart to change it.”

Black Lives Matter protestors arrested outside Met Gala

The Black Lives Matter protestors were calling for the New York Police Department to be defunded, while mayor Bill de Blasio – who controls the city’s policing budget – was inside the event.

In Indya Moore’s post, they shared two photos of their Met Gala outfit and a clip of one of the BLM protestors who was later arrested.

“We cannot go back to normal,” the protestor can be heard saying in the video clip Indya Moore posted. “Where was your rage last year… Thirty-five thousand f***ing dollars for a ticket to show your f***ing growth while our people are still dying.”

Moore has previously opened up about the everyday impacts of deep rooted and systemic discrimination, in an interview with Dazed, in which they imagined a world free from racism and transphobia.